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JavaScript Angular 6 Development E-learning
Angular 6 Development E-learning

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Angular 6 Development E-learning

Brand: JavaScript
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Angular 6 Development E-learning

Order this unique E-learning course Angular 6 Development online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, speech, progress monitoring through reports and tests per chapter to test the knowledge directly.

Course content

Angular 6 Development: Testing & TDD

Creating a Unit or Functional Test
Using the Angular TestBed
Testing a Service Class
Testing a Component
Testing a Directive
Testing a Pipe
Creating Tests Using Mocks
Creating Tests Using Spies
Testing Components with Inputs
Testing Components with Output
Testing Services That Use HttpClient5
Testing with Automatic Change Detection

Angular 6 Development: Introduction

Installing Angular
Binding and Using Properties
Binding Events
Passing Input to Components
Getting Outputs from components
Repeating Elements with ngFor
Adding and Using Routes
Using Parameters in Routes
Understaning Schematics
Creating a Schematic
Creating RuleFactories
Running a Schematic
Using Custom Schematics in Projects
Exercise: Creating Angular

Angular 6 Development: Libraries

Setting up a Library Project
Verifying a Library
Packaging and Using a Library
Using Workspaces to Support Multiple Projects
Setting up a Library Project using Angular CLI
Extending the Default CLI 6 Library Project
Building a CLI 6 Library Project
Packaging and Installing a CLI 6 Library
Exercise: Creating Offline Apps

Angular 6 Development: Reactive Programming

Migrating Apps to RxJS 6 in Angular
Creating Observables in RxJS
Using Pipeable Operators in RxJS
Creating Custom Operators
Converting Observables to Promises
Handling Errors on the Observer Side
Handling Errors on the Observable Side
Resubscribing to Observables Automatically
Resubscribing to Observables Based on Custom Logic
Merging Observables
Buffering Observables Items
Handling Nested Observables with FlatMap
Accumulating Emitted Values with Scan
Exercise: Creating Reactive Forms for Angular

Angular 6 Development: Angular Material and Angular Elements

Adding Support for Angular Elements
Creating Components to Use as Custom Elements
Registering an Angular Component as a Custom Element
Building a Custom Element
Packaging a Custom Element
Using a Custom Element
Adding Support for Angular Material
Creating an Angular Material Dashboard
Creating an Angular Material Navigation App
Exercise: Using Material Components with Angular

Angular 6 Development: Dependency Injection and ng-bootstrap

Progressive Web Apps in Angular
Bootstrap Support in Angular 6 Apps
Using the Typeahead Directive
Using the Datepicker Directive
Using the Timepicker Directive
Creating Classes Without Dependency Injection
Creating Classes Using Dependency Injection
Registering Service Providers Using @Injectable
Registering Service Providers Using @NgModule
Registering Service Providers Using @Component
Understanding the Provide Object Literal
Registering Class Providers Using Aliases
Registering Providers Using Factory Functions
Register Providers for Non Class Values
Exercise: Working with DI in Angular
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Language: English
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Suitable for mobile: Yes
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