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Outlook Elearning course 365 2019 2016 2013 2010

OEM offers many Elearning Outlook courses. There are different levels within Outlook for which different Outlook training courses are available. Outlook is now offered at all schools and is the most used software mail program of all time.

OEM offers the best Elearning Outlook courses for Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019. We also offer Outlook courses and Outlook training via Open Enrollment and via Incompany Outlook Training.

Outlook is the program in which almost all companies do their email communication. Yet it is true that many end users cannot master the software. Did you know that employees spend an average of 38 minutes per day searching within software applications? Source: University of Twente.

"Consider how much time people can save per month and per year if they master the user software."

Benefits Outlook Elearning course

Here we list some major benefits of our Elearning Outlook:

- 365 days access to the best Elearning
- Employees work many times more efficiently after completing the Elearning
- The time saving is motivating
- Unlimited training
- Certificate of participation after completing 70% of the Elearning course
- The best preparation for official certification. 90% pass rate!
- Students can gain knowledge 24/7 without additional costs
- Ideal for individuals and large groups
- Elearning is extremely motivating

What can you expect from us as a Microsoft Partner?

We would like to offer your organization a solution that is arranged from A to Z through the Splendid Learning Model. We stand for service, flexibility and quality.

To gain insight into the current knowledge gaps of the student, we use an online pre-test linked and prior to an E-learning course.

Our Outlook Elearning courses are considered the best Outlook training courses. When completing the Elearning Outlook, all students can perform all assignments within their level.

Different levels with the Outlook Elearning Courses

Within Elearning Outlook we talk about Basic Advanced Expert Outlook Course? Outlook Elearning Courses are the same for every level.

We are happy to inform you with personal and customized advice so that you are assured of the best efficiency. Send an email with your contact details to [email protected] or call directly at 036-076 1019.

Frequently asked questions Elearning Outlook course

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about our Elearning Outlook courses.

Is it possible to do the course multiple times?
It is possible to do the course multiple times. Participants can run the course indefinitely within the valid duration of 365 days. If you subsequently order an extension, then students can also do this indefinitely within the extension period.

Is it possible to carry out individual assignments several times?
All individual assignments can be performed indefinitely. For example, it is possible for course participants to go to a part where they are struggling, undisturbed and at their own pace that certain parts become powerful. This is one of the reasons why Elearning is an excellent way to bring students individually to a high level of knowledge.

How do students get a certificate of participation?
In our learning portal (LMS), students can download their certificate of participation themselves. When they have completed 70% of the course, they can use this option. Access to the LMS also continues after the Elearning course.

Is it possible to combine the Outlook Elearning Course with an Elearning Word Course and Elearning Excel Course?
OEM offers the possibility to combine all Elearning. We even offer projects where Elearning is combined with Incompany traininigen and MOS Exams. Among our customers are also the largest IT seconders who certify their staff on a project basis.

How do students get access to an Elearning Outlook Course?
Every student for whom Elearning has been paid will receive an invitation from our Learning Portal (LMS). With these login details they get access to the Elearning course. The Learning Portal does not need to be installed and is an online login environment.

Volume discount

Do you want to register multiple people for this online course in one go? Then we offer volume prices. If you want to train your entire organization, we apply attractive special rates. For pricing information please contact us

You will receive your customized quote / offer by e-mail within 1 working day.

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