Amazon Web Services AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 E-Learning
AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 E-Learning
Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 E-Learning

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Product description

AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 E-Learning

The Training AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 through a Special Certification Package. 1 Year access to revolutionary E-Learning to pass the exam Easily. Get Introduced by Learning through 1 Learning Portal (LMS) with Certified Teachers. Exclusive 24/7 Online Mentor and Challenging Course Testing and View behind the scenes all Tips & Tricks.
Always guaranteed the Official Test Exam and after the Training an Official Certificate of Participation. Optional Livelabs (extra charge).

Course content

AWS Developer Associate: Identity & Access Management

Course: 1 Hour, 1 Minute

Course Overview
Exploring AWS Cloud Offerings
Exploring Authentication and Authorization on AWS
Exploring AWS Federation
Exploring AWS Management Console
Exploring AWS Accounts
Exploring Identity and Access Management
Exploring AWS Regions and Availability Zones
Registering an Account on AWS
Managing IAM Users
Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Course: 1 Hour, 25 Minutes

Course Overview
Exploring Elastic Compute Cloud
Exploring Virtual Private Cloud Networks
AWS Shared Responsibility Security Model
Working with EC2 Instances
Connecting with Secure Shell
Connecting with Remote Desktop Protocol
Configuring Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Configuring Security Groups
Configuring Instance Details, Storage, and Tags
Allocating Elastic IPs
Installing and Updating Software on EC2 Instances
Configuring Webserver Document Root Permissions
Configuring EC2 Instances with User Data
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Interacting with AWS Cloud Services

Course: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

Course Overview
Explore AWS CLI, SDK, and APIs
Install AWS Cli on Windows
Install AWS Cli on Linux
Install AWS Cli on Mac OS
Configure AWS CLI
Configure an IAM Role for AWS Services
Attach IAM Roles to EC2 Instances
Simulate the Launch of an Instance
Decode Cli Messages with STS
Retrieve EC2 Instance Metadata
Configure AWS SDKs
Work with AWS SDKs
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Storage Services

Course: 1 Hour, 27 Minutes

Course Overview
Amazon EC2 Instance Stores
AWS Block Storage
AWS CloudFront
AWS File Storage
AWS Object Storage
Cloud Data Migration
Working with Amazon S3 Buckets
Implement Versioning on Amazon S
Encrypting Objects in Amazon S
Utilizing S3 Bucket Policies
Hosting Static Web Sites Using S
Enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
AWS Data Consistency
Amazon S3 Performance Criteria
Working with Amazon S3 Glacier
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: AWS Database Services

Course: 1 Hour, 28 Minutes

Course Overview
AWS Cloud Database Offerings
Relational Databases
Amazon Relational Database Service
Nonrelational Databases
Amazon DynamoDB
In-memory Data Stores
Cloud Database Migration
Installing the Python SDK and PyMySQL
Generating Security Groups for Amazon RDS
Creating an Amazon RDS Database Instance
Connecting to a Database Using MySQL Workbench
Creating Tables in an Amazon RDS MySQL Database
Querying Tables in an Amazon RDS MySQL Database
Deleting Databases and Security Groups
Creating a Table in Amazon DynamoDB
Adding Data to a DynamoDB Table
Querying a DynamoDB Table
Using a Batch Writer against a DynamoDB Table
Scanning a DynamoDB Table
Deleting a DynamoDB Table
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EB)

Course: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes

Course Overview
AWS Deployments
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI
Installing AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI
Creating a Web Server Environment with the CLI
Creating a Web Server Environment in the Console
EB Deployment Modes
Configuring EB Deployments
Working with EB Extensions
Performing a Blue/Green Deployment
Updating Application Versions with EB
Modifying Environment Configuration
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: CI/CD in AWS

Course: 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

Course Overview
CI/CD in AWS Cloud
AWS CodeCommit Version Control Service
Creating a CodeCommit Repository
Cloning a CodeCommit Repository
Creating a Pull Request in a CodeCommit Repository
AWS CodePipeline CI/CD Service
Creating a Pipeline With AWS CodePipeline
Deploying Applications to Production
AWS CodeBuild Managed Build Service
Creating a Build Project With CodeBuild
Creating a Build Specification File
AWS CodeDeploy Managed Deployment Service
Creating IAM Service Roles for CodeDeploy
Configuring CodeDeploy Agent on an EC2 Instance
Configuring an Application Specification File
Creating a Deployment With CodeDeploy
Creating a CodeStar Project
AWS Cloud9 IDE
Configuring an AWS Cloud9 IDE Project
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: AWS CloudFormation

Course: 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

Course Overview
Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
CloudFormation Service
CloudFormation Concepts
CloudFormation Advanced Concepts
Creating a CloudFormation Stack
Working with CloudFormation Templates
Updating and Deleting CloudFormation Stacks
Working with CloudFormation Resources
Specifying CloudFormation Parameters
Specifying CloudFormation Mappings
Defining Conditions for CloudFormation Templates
Declaring Optional CloudFormation Outputs
Using CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions
Working with CloudFormation Rollbacks
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Configuration as Code

Course: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes

Course Overview
Configuration as Code on AWS
The AWS OpsWorks Configuration Service
The Purpose of Docker Containers
Elastic Container Service (ECS) on AWS
Elastic Container Registry (ECR) on AWS
Creating ECS Clusters
Working With ECS Task Definitions
Creating an ECS Service
Implementing Load Balancing With an ECS Service
Installing Docker on a Development Machine
Creating a Repository Using AWS ECR
Creating a New Revision of a Docker Image
Creating an ECS Cluster Using Fargate
Integrating ECS With X-Ray
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Application Integration & Microservices

Course: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes

Course Overview
Exploring Message Queuing Services
Exploring Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Exploring SQS Standard Queue
Exploring SQS Dead Letter Queue
Exploring First-in First-out (FIFO) Queues
Creating a Standard Queue Using SQS
Testing SQS in Amazon SQS Console
Creating a Dead Letter Queue Using SQS
Working with SQS in the AWS CLI
Creating a FIFO Queue Using Amazon SQS
Creating a FIFO Queue Using AWS CLI
Exploring the Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Creating a Topic and Subscription Using SNS
Working with SNS in the AWS CLI
Managing Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
Exploring the Kinesis Client Library (KCL)
Exploring Kinesis Analytics, Firehose, and Security
Exploring Step Functions and Simple Workflow (SWF)
Distinguishing Between SQS, SNS, and Kinesis
Exploring Amazon MQ
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Serverless Compute Services

Course: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

Course Overview
The Serverless Compute Model
AWS Lambda Serverless Compute Service
AWS Lambda Best Practices
Creating an AWS Lambda Function
AWS Lambda Function Configurations
Configuring an AWS Lambda Function
Logging and Monitoring AWS Lambda
Lambda Versions and Aliases
Working With Lambda Function Versions and Aliases
Working With Lambda Function External Dependencies
Monitoring AWS Lambda With CloudFormation and X-Ray
Using Best Practices With Lambda Functions
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Serverless Applications

Course: 2 Hours, 16 Minutes

Course Overview
The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)
AWS Serverless and Typical Three-tier Applications
Installing the AWS SAM Command Line Interface (CLI)
Defining a SAM Template, Lambda, and Event Source
Implementing a Web Server with Amazon S
Amazon API Gateway
Creating a New API With API Gateway
API Gateway Stages
Deploying an API to a Deployment Stage
Defining API Gateway Mappings
Exporting an API Gateway
Implementing a Cache Using an API Gateway
Enabling Logs and Tracing With API Gateway
Enabling Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Securing Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Cognito
Creating Cognito User and Identity Pools
Creating an Amazon Aurora Serverless Cluster
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: DynamoDB NoSQL Database

Course: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes

Course Overview
DynamoDB NoSQL DB Service
DynamoDB Provisioned Throughput
DynamoDB API
DynamoDB Indexes
DynamoDB Concurrency Model
Configuring Table Properties
Creating a DynamoDB Accelerator Cluster
Working With DynamoDB Streams
Enabling DynamoDB Time to Live (TTL)
Navigating the DynamoDB CLI
Working With DynamoDB Transactions
Configuring DynamoDB Security, Backup, and Restore
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Stateless Applications

Course: 1 Hour, 9 Minutes

Course Overview
Stateless Applications on AWS
Storing State Data With DynamoDB
Creating a DynamoDB Global Table
Replicating Data Across Regions
AWS ElastiCache Service
Creating an ElastiCache Cluster
Persisting Data With Simple Storage Service (S3)
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
Creating and Mounting EFS Volumes
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: AWS Security & Encryption

Course: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes

Course Overview
AWS Encryption
AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)
Access Key Control on AWS
Creating a Customer-managed Key (CMK)
Working With Key and IAM Policies
Encrypting and Decrypting Data in the AWS CLI
Protecting Secret Data for Lambda Functions
Securing Secrets and Configuration Data
Managing Secrets With AWS Secrets Manager
Encrypting CloudWatch Logs
AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS)
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Troubleshooting & Monitoring on AWS

Course: 54 Minutes

Course Overview
Monitoring and Troubleshooting
AWS CloudWatch
Creating a CloudWatch Alarm
Creating a CloudWatch Dashboard
Using AWS X-Ray to Collect Application Data
AWS CloudTrail
Creating a Trail With CloudTrail
Course Summary

AWS Developer Associate: Optimizing AWS

Course: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Course Overview
Optimization in AWS Cloud
AWS Auto Scaling Implementation
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Implementation
Configuring an Application Load Balancer (ALB)
Creating a Launch Template
Creating an Auto Scaling Group (ASG)
Scheduling an AWS Auto Scaling Action
AWS Storage Optimization
AWS Performance Optimization Best Practices
Course Summary

Availabilty 23:37 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 365 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes
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