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Microsoft 365 Training MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
Training MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

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Training MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

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E-learning AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

E-learning (video based)
E-Learning is the cornerstone of the OEM Cert Kit, offering a thorough learning experience by integrating features designed to improve your product skill and productivity. E-Learning is designed to help you reach your goal, whether it is to update your skills or to prepare for a certificate exam.
The E-Learning is active for 360 days after activation


This OEM CertKit gives you the knowledge to accomplish the following technical tasks: develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service compute solutions; develop Azure Platform as a Service compute solutions; develop for Azure storage; implement Azure security; monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize solutions; and connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services.


Candidates for this course are Azure Developers who design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services. They participate in all phases of development, from solution design, to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance. They partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement the solution.

Course outcome:

•• Develop for Azure storage
o Connect to storage in Azure
o Design and implement policies to Tables
o Create, read, update, and delete tables by using code
o Develop for Azure Redis cache and content delivery networks
o Develop solutions that use blob storage
• Develop Azure Platform as a Service solutions
o Create an Azure app service web app by using Azure CLI, Powershell, and other tools
o Create documentation for the API by using open source and other tools
o Add push notifications and enable offline sync for mobile apps
o Develop stateful and stateless apps on Service Fabric
o Create Azure functions including bindings and triggers
o Define and run scheduled bulk operations
o Create an Azure Container Service (ACS/AKS) cluster using Azure CLI and Azure Portal
o Develop media solutions that use AI services
• Implement security in Azure development solutions
o Learn about the different authentication options, including multi-factor
o Implementing access control in your solution including claims- and role-based authorization
o Implement secure data solutions by using encryption, Azure confidential computing, and SSL/TLS communications
o Manage cryptographic keys in Azure Key Vault.
• Develop for an Azure cloud model
o Asynchronous processing and how to implement asynchronous compute model.
o Implement autoscaling in your solution and implement code that addresses transient state.
o Implement large-scale, parallel and high-performance apps by using batches.
o Learn to implement, and manage, distributed transactions.
o Configure instrumentation in an app/service by using Application Insights and other tools.
• Implement Azure development integration solutions
o Manage APIs by using API Management (APIM)
o Create an APIM instance, configure authentication for APIs and define policies for APIs
o Configure a message-based integration architecture by using the services included in Azure.
o Configure an app or service to send email
o Develop an application message model including message schema and message exchange.
o Create an event model, topics, and subscriptions

Who should attend:

This course is for experienced programmers who want to develop and host solutions in Azure. Learners should have some experience with Azure and must be able to program in at least one Azure-supported language.

Module overview:

  • E-learning courses:
    • Azure Developer: Azure Cloud Technology Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns
    • Azure Developer: Storage Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Storage Tables
    • Azure Developer: File Storage Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Cosmos DB Storage Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Relational Database Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Blob Storage Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Caching & Content Delivery Solutions
    • Azure Developer: PaaS Web Applications
    • Azure Developer: Creating Mobile Apps
    • Azure Developer: Working with Azure Logic Apps
    • Azure Developer: Azure Batch & Scheduling Bulk Operations
    • Azure Developer: Media Services Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Working with Azure Service Fabric
    • Azure Developer: Working With Azure Functions
    • Azure Developer: Kubernetes Service Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Implementing Authentication & Access Control
    • Azure Developer: Implementing Secure Data Solutions
    • Azure Developer: Advanced Scalability Using Azure
    • Azure Developer: Advanced Security & Integration Using Azure Services

Certify quickly and cheaply

New: OEM Cert Kit © The best All In alternative to the classroom training.

Unique Method, ... .. Get your Certifications quickly, efficiently and at your own pace using the unique OEM Cert Kit © including:

E-learning (video based)

E-Learning is the cornerstone of OEM Cert Kit, offering a thorough learning experience by integrating features that are designed to improve your product skill and productivity. E-Learning is designed to help you reach your goal, whether it is to update your skills or to prepare for a certificate exam.
The E-Learning is active for 360 days after activation

Exam Quiz

Exam Quiz helps you to test the knowledge you have acquired through E-Learning. Complete the quizzes to get an overview of which areas you need to work to pass the exam.
Exam Quiz is active for 360 days after activation!

Online Mentor

The Online Mentor can answer all your specific technical questions regarding your study subject.
Online Mentor is active for 360 days after activation!

Live Labs (if available)
With the GetCertified Live Labs you can practice 24/7 in a live environment.

Exam simulation

Exam simulation is a test instrument that tests your knowledge against the skills and competences that are measured by the exam certificate of the seller. Exam simulation can be used in the study or certification mode.
Exam Simulation is active for 60 days - after activation!

Tips and tricks

Under Tips & Tricks you will find information that can be useful to you during your studies. You will find information about the exam you are working with, along with general study notes, exam tips and a collection of articles and links related to your studies.
Tips and tricks is active for 360 days after activation

All the benefits at a glance:
Start right away, so don't wait until a training session starts and .. these will always go on! :)
You will not be offered the course material once as in a classroom training, but as often as you want for a year.
Through our collaboration with Global Mentoring, more personal attention from Certified Trainers than with a classroom training
You can ask them for unlimited help and guidance 24/7, whereby they can take over your screen if necessary to go through everything with you.
Unique Live Labs with which you can practice 24/7 *)
Study when you want, where you want and how often you want without having to wait for others.
No hours in traffic or months waiting for the next training and hope it will continue this time.
Free the Official Microsoft recommended MeasureUp practice exams.
Tips, tricks, forum and links department

And all for a fraction of the cost of a classroom training
Do you want more information about OEM Cert Kit? Get in contact.

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General properties
Delivery time: Within 1 working day
Online access: Standard 12 months
Lesson duration: variable
Study load: Variable because of practical assignments.
Learning methods: Instruction video, Demonstration video, Knowledge Base
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome OS, Apple MacOS
Included services: Contact with teacher by e-mail and chat, Progress report, 24/7 online access
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari en Chrome
Certification: Possible for corresponding exam number
Access to teacher: By e-mail and chat
Extra options: Virtual Labs (if available)
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