Database Database Design E-learning
Database Design E-learning

Database Design E-learning

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Database Design E-learning ✓ Award-winning e-learning course ✓ Extensive interactive videos with spoken text ✓ Certified teachers ✓ Practical exercises ✓ Certificate

  • E-Learning - Online toegang: 365 dagen
  • Taal: Engels (US)
  • Certificaat van deelname
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Product description

Database Design E-learning Training

Order this amazing, award-winning Database Design E-learning Training course online, 1 year 24/7 access to extensive interactive videos, speeches, hands-on tasks and progress monitoring. After the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.


MySQL Database Development
Course: 58 Minutes

Introduction to MySQL
Select and Download MySQL
Install MySQL on Windows
Initial Configuration of the MySQL Server
Introduction to MySQL Workbench
Options File Configuration
MySQL Workbench Connections
MySQL Connection Navigator
Status and System Variables
New User Creation
Users and Privileges Management
Exercise: Working with MySQL Workbench

MySQL Database Development
Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

RDBMS Essentials
Table Design Concepts
Column Design Concepts
Table and Column Properties
Normal Forms
Benefits of Database Normalization
What is Full Stack Development (FSD)
Anatomy of a Full Stack Environment
Exercise: Database Design and FSD Concepts

MySQL Database Development
Course: 53 Minutes

Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements
Creating MySQL Databases
Altering and Dropping MySQL Databases
Creating MySQL Tables
Altering and Dropping MySQL Tables
Creating and Altering Views
Querying Views
Nested Views
Advanced Views
Exercise: Using DDL Statements and Views in MySQL

MySQL Database Development
Course: 53 Minutes

Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements
Basic INSERT Statements
Basic UPDATE Statements
DELETE Statements
Advanced INSERT Statements
Advanced UPDATE Statements
Inserting and Deleting Data
Viewing and Editing Data
Filtering Data
Exporting Data
Importing Data
Exercise: Using DML Statements and MySQL Workbench

MySQL Database Development
Course: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

SELECT Statement Fundamentals
Record Filtering and Ordering
The INSERT... SELECT Statement
SELECT Statements and Joins
SELECT Statements and Unions
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Control Flow Operators
Exercise: Creating SELECT Statements

MySQL Database Development
Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

Introduction to Functions in MySQL
The GROUP BY Clause and Aggregate Function Basics
Using the GROUP BY Clause and Aggregate Functions
Numeric Functions
The COUNT Function
MIN and MAX Functions
SUM and AVERAGE Functions
Character Functions
String Comparison Functions
Date/Time Functions
Exercise: Using Functions in Queries

MySQL Database Development
Course: 48 Minutes

Working with Stored Programs
Working with Stored Routines
Creating and Dropping Triggers
Working with Triggers
Working with Events
InnoDB memcached Architecture
Installing the InnoDB memcached Plugin
Exercise: Using the InnoDB memcached Plugin

MySQL Database Development
Course: 1 Hour, 28 Minutes

MySQL Indexes
Understanding Query Optimization
EXPLAIN Statement Fundamentals
Creating Indexes
Maintaining Indexes
Visual Explain Plan
Using the EXPLAIN Statement
The Query Optimizer
Optimizing InnoDB Storage
Optimizing the Server Hardware
Optimizing MySQL
The MONyog Monitoring Tool
Using MONyog
Exercise: Performance Optimization in MySQL

MySQL Database Development
Course: 57 Minutes

Using Geospatial Data in MySQL
Working with the GIS Data Types
Using the Geospatial Collection Data Types
Using the Azure MySQL Service
Migrating to Amazon RDS
Integrating with Oracle Cloud
Using the MySQL JDBC Connector
Working with the ADO.NET Connector
Using MySQL via the Python Connector
Exercise: Using Geospatial Data Types

Availabilty 9:20 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 90 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes
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