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Desktop Administrator Associate MD-100 + MD-101 OEM Certkit

Desktop Administrator Associate MD-100 + MD-101 OEM Certkit

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Order this unique E-Learning course Desktop Administrator Associate MD-100 MD-101 online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos and tests.

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Desktop Administrator Associate MD-100 + MD-101 E-Learning OEM Certkit

Order the Desktop Administrator Associate MD-100 + MD-101 OEM CertKit. A dynamic, unique 1-click certification preparation product. OEM CertKit offers the student learning and certification preparation tools that are fully integrated into a customized learning management system (LMS).
With OEM, CertKit gives the user access to all of the following products from one LMS. Fully integrated products brought: E-Learning (365 days), Exam simulation, Online mentor
Exam quizzes, Tips, tricks and links and Virtual LABs (if available (extra price).

Course content

MD-100 - Windows 10: Active Directory Management

Course: 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

Course Overview
User Accounts
Active Directory: Logical Concepts
Active Directory: Physical Concepts
Managing Active Directory
Active Directory Configuration
Azure Active Directory
Introduction to Group Policy
Configuring New GPOs
Configuring GPO Settings
Essentials of Device Management
Basics of IP
Image-Based Deployment
Challenges of Remote Access
Exercise: Demonstrating AD Management Readiness

MD-100 - Windows 10: Prepare for Deployment

Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

Course Overview1
Selecting the Approprite Windows Edition
Windows 10 Deployment Tools
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Installing Windows Deployment Services
Performing Initial WDS Configuration
Uploading WIM Files to WDS
WDS and Multicast Transmissions
Exercise: Performing Windows 10 Deployments

MD-100 - Windows 10: Deployment

Course: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Course Overview
Prepare To Migrate User Data
Migrate User Data
Post Migration Clean Up
Configure Language Packs
Perform a Clean Installation
Perform an In-Place Upgrade
Validate an In-Place Upgrade
Troubleshoot Activation Issues
Exercise: Understanding Windows 10 Deployment

MD-100 - Windows 10: Perform Post-Installation Configuration

Course: 54 Minutes

Course Overview
ADMX Templates
Group Policy for Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer GP Settings
Internet Explorer GP Preferences
Cellular Settings for Tablets and PCs
Windows Hello for Business
Manage Windows 10 Start Layout
Manage Windows 10 Taskbar Layout
Exercise: Verify Post-Installation Configuration

MD-100 - Windows 10: Manage Devices & Data

Course: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes

Course Overview
Modern Device Management
Manage Local Users
Local Admins
Configure NTFS Permissions
Configure NTFS Permissions Inheritance
Configure NTFS Auditing
Configure Share Permissions
Combine Share and NTFS Permissions
Special identities
File and Folder Encryption
Full Volume Drive Encryption
Exercise: Modern Device Management

MD-100 - Windows 10: Policy-Based Management

Course: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

Course Overview
Local Registry
Implement Local Policy
Troubleshoot Group Policies on Devices
User Account Contro
Windows Defender Firewal
Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security
Mobile Device Management Settings for Edge
MDM Security Baselines
Exercise: Policy-Based Management

MD-100 - Windows 10: Configure Networking

Course: 49 Minutes

Course Overview
Configure TCP/IP
Configure Mobile Networking
Configure VPN Client
Troubleshoot Networking
Specify Wi-Fi Profiles
Exercise: Configuring Windows Networking

MD-100 - Windows 10: Configure Remote Connectivity

Course: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes

Course Overview
Windows Remote Management
Components of WinRM
Default WinRM Configuration
Accessing a Remote Computer
Enable PowerShell Remoting
Configuring Remote Desktop
Grant Remote Desktop Access to a PC
Remote Desktop Listening Port
Remote Desktop Clients and Web Access
Windows Remote Assistance
Quick Assist6
Exercise: Connect Remotely

MD-100 - Windows 10: Configure System & Data Recovery

Course: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes

Course Overview
Backup and Restore in Windows
Reset PC
System Restore
Recovery Drives
Revert to a Previous Version of Windows
Troubleshoot Startup/Boot Process
Windows Recovery Environment
Secure Boot
Boot Log
Startup Repair
Exercise: Backup and Restore Features

MD-100 - Windows 10: Manage Updates

Course: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Course Overview
Types of Windows Updates
Configure Windows Update6
Manually Check for Updates
Optimize Windows Update Delivery
Windows Update for Business
Manage Updates using GPMC
Servicing Strategy for Windows Updates6
Servicing Channels6
Validate and Verify Updates
Troubleshoot Updates
Windows Update Log Files
Additional Windows Update settings
Exercise: Update Windows

MD-100 - Windows 10: Monitor a& Manage Windows

Course: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes

Course Overview
Windows Event Forwarding
Optimizing Browsing
Collector Initiated Subscriptions
Performance Tools
Update Compliance Monitor
Startup and Shutdown
Energy Efficiency
Modern Management
Mobile Device Management
Exercise: Manage Windows 10  

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Dynamic Deployments

Course: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Course Overview
Modern Deployments
Dynamic Provisioning
Traditional Deployments
Subscription Activation
Azure Active Directory Integration with MDM
Provisioning Packages
Windows Configuration Designer
Create and Apply a Provisioning Package
Remove a Provisioning Package
User Experience Virtualization
Exercise: Deploy Windows 10

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Windows Autopilot

Course: 1 Hour

Course Overview
Windows Autopilot
User-Driven Mode
Self-Deploying Mode
Windows Autopilot Reset
Adding Devices to Windows Autopilot
Autopilot Deployments
Hardware Information File
Device Groups
Autopilot Profiles
Device Assignment
Troubleshoot Autopilot
Exercise: Deploy Windows Using Autopilot

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Upgrading Devices

Course: 59 Minutes

Course Overview
Upgrade Paths
Downgrade Paths
Edition Upgrades
Manual Edition Upgrades
Upgrade Using the Microsoft Store
License Expirations
In-Place Upgrades
Windows Analytics
Upgrade Readiness
User State Migration Tool
Exercise: Upgrade Windows 10

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Managing Updates

Course: 1 Hour, 5 Minutes

Course Overview
Delivery Optimization
Express Update Delivery
Servicing Strategies
Update Types for Business
Configure Windows Update for Business
Integrate Windows Update for Business
Windows as a Service
Servicing Tools
Deployment Rings
Update Compliance
Update Compliance Perspectives
Exercise: Work with Windows 10 Updates

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Authentication

Course: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes

Course Overview
Windows Authentication
Windows Authentication Architecture
Authentication Concepts
Windows Logons8
Group Policy Authentication Settings
Options
Secure Sign-In
Windows Hello for Business
PIN vs. Password
Passwordless Strategies
Azure AD Joined Devices
Joining Windows 10 Devices
Exercise: Work with Windows Authentication

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Co-Management

Course: 46 Minutes

Course Overview
Implementing Co-Management
Co-Management Prerequisites
Co-Management Workloads
Switching Workloads
Co-Management Value
Paths to Co-Management
Upgrade Windows 10 for Co-Management
Configuration Manager Clients
Internet-based Devices
Monitoring Co-Management
Exercise: Implement Co-Management

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Conditional Access & Compliance

Course: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Course Overview
Conditional Access
Conditional Access Policies Types
Create Conditional Access Policies
Baseline Policy
Grant Controls
Device-Based Conditional Access Policies
Password Compliance Policies
Noncompliant Devices
Monitoring Device Compliance Policies
Exercise: Work with Conditional Access

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Profiles

Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Course Overview
Configuration Profile Requirements
Device Configuration Profiles
Scope Tags
Refresh Cycle Times
Device Restrictions
E-mail Settings
Edition Upgrades
Endpoint Protection
Administrative Templates6
Monitoring Device Profiles
Exercise: Implement Device Profiles

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: User Profiles

Course: 51 Minutes

Course Overview
Add New Users
Add User Profile Information
Assign Roles to Users
Enterprise State Roaming
Device Sync Statuss
Data Retention
Windows 10 Roaming Settings
Folder Redirection
Group Policy Sync Settings
Exercise: Configure User Profiles  

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Windows Defender

Course: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

Course Overview
Protecting Windows 10
Evaluate Windows Defender ATP
Deploy and Enable Windows Defender Antivirus
Manage Windows Defender Antivirus Updates
Windows Defender Antivirus Reporting
Windows Defender Application Control
Windows Defender Application Control Rules
Windows Defender Application Control Policies
Windows Defender Exploit Guard
Configure an Exploit Guard Configuration Profile
Windows Defender Application Guard
Install Application Guard
Windows Defender Credential Guard
Manage Windows Defender Credential Guard
Remote Desktop Credentials
Monitor Device Compliance for Defender
Exercise: Protect Windows 10

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Intune Device Enrollment

Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Course Overview
Intune Users
Intune Groups
Automatic Enrollment
Enroll Windows 10 Devices
Enrollment Options
Bulk Enrollment
Enrollment Status Page
Non-Windows Devices
Device Inventory
Intune Data Warehouse
Exercise: Manage Intune Device Enrollment

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Monitoring Devices

Course: 40 Minutes

Course Overview
Monitor Device Health
Device Health Solution
Windows Analytics
Enrolling Devices
Device Reliability
App Reliability
Login Health
Windows Information Protection
Device Health Data Types
Exercise: Monitor Device Health and Security

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Deploy & Update Applications

Course: 1 Hour, 7 Minutes

Course Overview
Intune App Management
App Types
Adding Apps
Deploy Windows 10 Apps
Microsoft Store Apps
Deploy Office 365 ProPlus
Deploy Office 365 ProPlus with Configuration Manager
Sideloading Apps
Readiness Toolkit
Enterprise Mode
Kiosk Configuration
Exercise: Work with Apps and Data

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Mobile Application Management

Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

Course Overview
Intune Mobile App Management
Assign an App
App Configuration Policies
App Protection Policies
Manage Non-Enrolled Devices
Monitor Apps
Azure Information Protection - Labels
Azure Information Protection - Policies
Azure Information Protection - Analytics
Device Protection
Exercise: Manage Apps in Intune

Availabilty 29 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 90 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes

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There are no reviews written yet about this product.


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