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Cisco CISCO Exam 200-310 DESGN OEM Certkit
CISCO Exam 200-310 DESGN OEM Certkit

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CISCO Exam 200-310 DESGN OEM Certkit

Brand: Cisco
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E-learning CISCO Exam 200-310 DESGN OEM Certkit

The Training CISCO Exam 200-310 DESGN through a Special Certification Package. 1 Year access to revolutionary E-learning to pass the exam Easily. Get Introduced by Learning through 1 Learning Portal (LMS) with Certified Teachers. Exclusive 24/7 Online Mentor and Challenging Course Testing and View behind the scenes all Tips & Tricks.
Always guaranteed the Official Test Exam and after the Training an Official Certificate of Participation. Optional Livelabs (extra charge).


This is an accelerated course, covering the topics of the following two exams:

DESGN 3.0: Design Methodology
Course: 57 Minutes

Cisco Architecture for Enterprise
Cisco Architecture for Enterprise Part

DESGN 3.0: Networking Information Gathering and Auditing
Course: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Design Lifecycle
Design Lifecycle Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Implementing Network Design
Course: 30 Minutes

Design Methodology
Design Methodology Part

DESGN 3.0: Design Modularity
Course: 1 Hour, 1 Minute

Implement a Network Design
Design Methodology
Design Methodology Part

DESGN 3.0: Design Hierarchy
Course: 47 Minutes

Design Hierarchy
Design Hierarchy Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Design Scalability
Course: 55 Minutes

Design Scalability
Design Scalability Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Design Resiliency
Course: 55 Minutes

Design Resiliency
Design Resiliency Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Fault Domain Design
Course: 24 Minutes

Design Fault Domains

DESGN 3.0: Scalable Addressing and IP Addressing Schemes
Course: 53 Minutes

Scalable Addressing
IP Addressing Scheme

DESGN 3.0: Routing Protocol Scalability
Course: 58 Minutes

Routing Protocol Scalability
Routing Protocol Scalability Part 2

DESGN 3.0: IGP Expansion
Course: 54 Minutes

Design an IGP Expansion
Design an IGP Expansion Part 2

DESGN 3.0: OSPF and BGP Expansion
Course: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Design OSPF Expansion
Design BGP Expansion

DESGN 3.0: Campus Design
Course: 59 Minutes

Basic Campus Design Overview
Basic Campus Design Overview Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Campus Design Part 2
Course: 58 Minutes

Campus Design Considerations
Campus Design Best Practices and Tools

DESGN 3.0: Enterprise Network WAN and Edge
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Enterprise Network WAN and Edge
Enterprise Network WAN and Edge Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Branch Network Design
Course: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes

Branch Network Design
Branch Network Design Part 2
Branch Network Design Part 3

DESGN 3.0: Wireless LAN Design
Course: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

Wireless LAN Design
Wireless LAN Design Part 2
Wireless LAN Design Part 3

DESGN 3.0: Wireless LAN Requirements
Course: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

Wireless LAN Requirements
Wireless LAN Requirements Part 2
Wireless LAN Requirements Part 3

DESGN 3.0: Security Control Considerations
Course: 34 Minutes

Security Control Considerations

DESGN 3.0: Voice and Video Design Considerations
Course: 54 Minutes

Voice and Video Considerations
Voice and Video Considerations Part 2

DESGN 3.0: Virtualization in Network Design
Course: 27 Minutes

Virtualization in Network Design

DESGN 3.0: Network Programmability and Data Center Component Design
Course: 56 Minutes

Network Programmability Design
Data Center Component Design

TestPrep 200-310 Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN)
Assessment: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

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