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Blockchain Essentials of Blockchain E-learning
Essentials of Blockchain E-learning

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Essentials of Blockchain E-learning

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Essentials of Blockchain E-learning

In this online E-learning Essentials or Blockchain course you will learn everything about Blockchain and Bitcoin. The basis of blockchain, the digital currency and all the ins and outs of Bitcoin are discussed.

Topics covered include Bitcoin keys, transactions, units, the pros and cons of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining, wallets, security and much more.

Your result

After completing this course you will be familiar with Blockchain and Bitcoin. You know all the ins and outs and you know the advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin.


You have general computer skills.

Target audience
System administrator, Network administrator, Software developer, Web developer, Security specialist, Help desk employee, Web designer, Marketer, Project manager, Manager, Team leader, Database administrators

Course content


Introduction to Digital Currency

Introduction to Currency
23 Minutes

Course Introduction
The History of Money
The Function of Currency
Introduction to Distributed Consensus
Price Derivation

Introduction to Blockchain
13 Minutes

What is Blockchain?
Examples of Blockchain
Benefits of Blockchain

Types of Blockchain
7 Minutes

Public Blockchain
Private Blockchain
Hybrid Blockchain

Practical Blockchain
16 Minutes

Blockchain and Commodities
Why Blockchain?
Market Forecasting
Blockchain Adoption

Introduction to Bitcoin
17 Minutes

The Early Days of Bitcoin
The Impact of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Events
Bitcoin as a Common Currency
Bitcoin Scandals and Hacks

Practice: Currency and Blockchain
2 Minutes

Exercise: Introduction to Digital Currency

The Basics of Blockchain

Bitcoin Basics
20 Minutes

Course Introduction
How Bitcoin Pricing is Set
The Bitcoin Community
Getting Started with Bitcoin
Bitcoin Units

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin
12 Minutes

Capital Markets and Blockchain Technology
Problems with Blockchain Technology
Future Opportunities

12 Minutes

Blockchain Ledger
Single, Double, and Triple Entry Accounting
Local and Distributed Ledgers
Centralized and Decentralized Ledgers3

Cryptocurrency and Cryptography
15 Minutes

Introduction to Cryptocurrency
Introduction to Cryptography
A Brief History of Cryptography
How Encryption Works

The Application of Cryptography
10 Minutes

Hash Functions
Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography
Digital Signatures
Digital Certificates

Practice: Ledgers and Cryptography
2 Minutes

Exercise: The Basics of Blockchain

Bitcoin Technology Fundamentals

Basic Bitcoin Technology
20 Minutes

Course Introduction
Bitcoin Addresses
Bitcoin Networks
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Improvement Proposals
Blockchain Explorers

Bitcoin Transactions
10 Minutes

Buying Bitcoins
Selling Bitcoins

Transaction Pros and Cons
17 Minutes

Anonymity and Bitcoin
Bitcoin Volatility
Unconfirmed Transactions

Introduction to Mining
13 Minutes

The Mining Process
Mining Pools and Centralization
Bitcoin Security
Bitcoin Hardware

Bitcoin's Impact and the Future
9 Minutes

Blockchain Experimentality
Bitcoin's Social Impact
Is Bitcoin Finished?

Practice: Bitcoin Transactions and Mining
2 Minutes

Exercise: Bitcoin Technology Fundamentals

Working with Bitcoin
10 Minutes

Course Introduction
The Purpose of Mining
Mining Bitcoin
Mining and Processing

Working With Wallets
10 Minutes

Types of Wallets
Deterministic Wallets
Securing Wallets
Passphrase-encrypted Wallets
Bitcoin Clients
12 Minutes
Full Node vs. Thin Clients
Importing and Exporting
Wallet Backups
Transactions and Fees
Bitcoin Security Issues
Bitcoin Design
7 Minutes
Cold Storage
Conjoining and Block Trades
Security Considerations
9 Minutes
Payment Processing
Secure Payments
Regulations and Compliance
Tax Considerations
Exercise: Working with Bitcoin
Course Test
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Language: English
Certificate of participation: Yes
Online access: 90 days
Progress monitoring: Yes
Award Winning E-learning: Yes
Suitable for mobile: Yes
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