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Microsoft Excel Excel 2016 Lesson Video
Excel 2016 Lesson Video

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Excel 2016 Lesson Video

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Do you work with Excel 2016 or do you want to work with it? Then you no longer have to waste time going through operating instructions and expensive courses. You are only one button away from clear solutions. This is how you master Excel 2016.


Work environment 3 lesson videos, lesson duration 12:46

General working environment
Cancel and restore operation
Use Excel Help

Display 3 lesson videos, lesson duration 05:45

Zoom in and out
Block columns / rows
Use Excel Help

Workbooks 9 lesson videos, lesson duration 32:50

Create new workbook
Open workbooks
Save workbooks
Manage open workbooks view
Create and use a template
Edit and delete a template
Use workbooks from different Excel versions
Workbook properties
Restore versions and files
Transfer Excel data: PDF, XPS, e-mail and web page

Movements and selections 2 lesson videos, lesson duration 06:43

Move in workbook
Select cells

Data entry and changes 7 lesson videos, lesson 13:23

Enter data
Enter date and time
Show multiple lines in cell
Adjust cell contents
Clear cell contents and / or formatting
Search and replace
Spell check

Move and copy 5 lesson videos, lesson duration 13:10

Copy to adjacent cells
Copy to non-adjacent cells
Move cells
Copy cell formatting quickly
Copy, transpose calculation results and links

Worksheet 3 lesson videos, lesson duration 09:23

Worksheet name and tab color
Move, copy and hide worksheets
Insert, delete, and set worksheets

Rows, columns, cells 5 lesson videos, lesson duration 13:09

Insert or delete rows, columns and cells
Column width / row height
Merge cells
Hide items on worksheet
Cell range name

Calculations 8 lesson videos, lesson 20:37

Enter formulas
Sum and other simple calculations
Calculate percentage
An absolute reference in formula
Cell ranges and calculations in functions
Use a named range in a formula
Insert subtotals
Calculations with copies

Advanced calculation functions 13 lesson videos, lesson duration 40:47

ALS function
IF function with AND, OR, NOT
Nested ALS functions
Conditional functions
Date functions
Time functions
Text functions
Conversion functions
Financial functions
Search table and functions
To merge
Double entry table
Matrix formula

Simulation and analysis tools 6 lesson videos, lesson duration 18:04

Target search
Scenario management
Error checking
Evaluate formulas
Control window

Formatting tables 14 lesson videos, lesson duration 34:41

Character formatting
Font and size
Simple number formats
Change date and time format
Custom notation
Align cell contents
Cell content orientation
Cell color
Cell borders
Apply a conditional format
Manage conditional formatting
Cell styles
Apply theme
Create and customize a theme

Sorting and overview 2 lesson videos, duration 05:07

Sort a table
Organize data in overview

Page layout and printing 7 lesson videos, lesson time 18:29

Page layout
Print range
Page break
Repeatedly print titles columns and rows
Header and footer
Custom views
Print preview and printing

Graphs make 7 lesson videos, lesson duration 18:40

Create and move a graph
Manage a chart
Manage sequences
Manage chart templates
Print a chart and page layout
Create a sparkline chart
Manage sparklines

Drawing up graphs 8 lesson videos, lesson duration 28:09

Select chart elements
Display chart elements
Format chart elements
Change graph text elements
Legend and artboard
Data labels
Data series and graph axes
Chart type options

Insert graphic objects 2 lesson videos, lesson time 08:12

Create a graphic object
Insert an image
Select and delete objects
Copy and move objects
Determine the size of the graphic object
Change a text box
Edit a drawing
Format drawing objects
Manage images
Rotate and align objects
Overlap and group objects

Manage graphic objects 9 lesson videos, lesson duration 25:37

Create and manage a table
Display and sorting table data
Automatic calculations in table
Automatic filtering
Custom filters
Empty and duplicate values
Filtering with criteria range
Filter and copy rows with criteria range
Criterion Range Calculations

Tables 9 lesson videos, lesson duration 29:39

Create pivot table
Change a pivot table
Select, copy, move and delete a pivot table
Organize and format a pivot table
Filtering and searching in pivot table
Pivot chart

Pivot table and graph 6 lesson videos, lesson duration 22:21

Security workbook
Protect cells
Share a workbook
Track changes in workbook
Merge workbooks
Complete a workbook
Digital signature

Working together 7 lesson videos, lesson duration 26:04

Create data series
Note to cell
Validation criterion
Import data
Update and manage imported data
Create a form
Secure and use a form
Macro command

Various advanced functions 9 lesson videos, lesson duration 32:42

Create data series
Note to cell
Validation criterion
Import data
Update and manage imported data
Create a form
Secure and use a form
Macro command

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