Microsoft Excel Excel 2019 Basic and Advanced E-learning
Excel 2019 Basic and Advanced E-learning
Microsoft Excel

Excel 2019 Basic and Advanced E-learning

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Take an Excel 2019 Basic and Advanced course now online. You will learn how to enter formulas, copy calculation results and links, transpose and adjust notation.

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Product description

E-learning Courses Office 2019 Basics and Advanced

Take these unique E-learning courses from Microsoft Excel 2019 on a basics and advanced level online, 1 year 24/7 access to a virtual Office (Cloud) environment with rich interactive videos, speech, subtitling, practical assignments with real -time analysis of your answers, progress monitoring through reports to prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam thanks to high quality. Door developed by MOS teachers with more than 27 years of experience and the publisher is a Microsoft Gold Partner. In the Learning Portal (LMS) including reports and after> 70% of the course a certificate of participation.

Get to know the Excel spreadsheet program and master the basic to advanced functionalities. After following this training, full use can be made of Excel. All necessary themes are covered such as: entering and formatting data, simple to complex calculations, graphs, managing large tables, pivot tables and advanced functionalities.

Target audience
Anyone who wants to (re) learn to use the basic operations in Excel and to master the advanced functionalities.

Required level
No knowledge of Excel is required. With minimal use of the program, progress will be made faster.

Expected duration for the indispensable modules
14 hours 50 min.
(Video clips averaging 2 to 5 minutes)

Content of the training

This module offers you an interactive training, consisting of 45 lesson videos, 45 assignments and
5 files with additional information.

Introduction to Excel, fill in a table
What you need to know about: Spreadsheets
Open workbooks
General work environment
Move in workbook
What you need to know about: Input help
Enter data
What you need to know about: Select, copy and move
Select and clear cells
Cancel operation and restore
Column width / row height
What you need to know about: Saving files
Save workbooks
Customize cell contents
Create new workbook

Make your first calculations
Enter formulas
Sum and other simple calculations
Calculate percentage
Copy to adjacent cells

Take care of the layout of your data
Simple number formats
Apply theme
Character formatting
Font and size
Align cell contents
Cell color
Cell edges

Print and set page layout your worksheets
Page layout
Print preview and print
Page break
Print range
What you need to know about: Header and footer
Header and footer 

Work more efficiently with Excel
Using Excel help
Spell check
Find and replace
Zoom in and out
Insert or delete rows, columns and cells
Move cells
Copy to non-adjacent cells
Quickly copy cell formatting
Merge cells
Cell contents orientation
Cell Styles
Sort a table

Manage the worksheets
Worksheet name and tab color
Insert, delete worksheets and set background
Move, copy and hide worksheets
Block column / row, split screen
Print column and row titles repeatedly
Hide items on worksheet
Group data in overview

This module offers you an interactive training, consisting of 60 lesson videos, 60 assignments and
5 files with additional information.

Evolving into complicated tables
Display multiple lines in cell
An absolute reference in formula
Copy, transpose calculation results and links
What you need to know about: Entering functions
System date and date format
Simple condition
Custom format
Apply a conditional format
Control conditional formatting
Range of cells name
Validation criterion
Cell ranges in functions

Present your figures in graph form
What you need to know about: Charts
Create and move a chart
Managing a chart
Select chart elements
Add or remove chart elements
Format chart elements
Change graph text elements
Legend and plot area
Print a chart and page layout

Improve the layout of your charts
Change data labels
Data series and chart axes
Manage sequences
Chart type options
Manage chart templates
Create a 2D map chart
Create a sparkline chart
Managing sparklines

Decorate your tables
Create a graphic object
Select and delete objects
Copy and move objects
Determine the size of a graphic object
Change a text box
Edit a shape
Format drawing objects
Insert a picture
Manage images
Rotate and align objects
Overlap and group objects

Leverage your data lists
Calculate subtotals
Create and manage a data table
View and sort data from a data table
Add calculation to a data table
Automatic filtering
Custom filters
Empty and duplicate values
What you need to know about: Criteria ranges
Filter with criteria range
Filter and copy rows with criteria range
Criteria range calculations

Create and use pivot tables and charts
What you need to know about: Pivot Tables and Charts
Create pivot table
Modify a pivot table and add calculations
Change the source of a pivot table
Select, copy, move, and delete a pivot table
Structure and print a pivot table
Format of a pivot table
Filtering a pivot table
Filter using slicers
Base a pivot table on multiple data tables
Add fields or calculated elements
Group data
Create a pivot chart

Office 2019: Cases
Excel, Word or PowerPoint with an Office 365 subscription
This module offers you a video with a length of 20 minutes.

An e-mail message from Office with or without an Office 365 subscription: what are the differences?
Create and save Office documents on OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Teams
Edit a document from OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams
Share office documents with colleagues or with people outside the organization
Collaborate on a file

Excel 2019: Cases
This module offers you a video with a length of 48 minutes.
Set up a quality control

Presentation of the use case
Create the statistical formulas
Prepare the diagram
Create control chart
Adjust display of the control chart

Analyze library visits
Presentation of the use case
The graph Development of the number of visitors
Create the pivot tables

Keep track of budget
Presentation of the use case
Create the pivot tables
Create the charts
Create the dashboard

Reduce costs
Presentation of the use case
Create the formulas
Fix the problem with the Solver

Excel 2019 - versions 2019 and Office 365 Online book
In this module you can consult an online book.

Excel 2019 - Level 1: Essential basic knowledge
This module offers you an interactive training, consisting of 45 lesson videos, 45 assignments and 5 files with additional information.

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