Microservices Exploring Microservices  E-learning
Exploring Microservices E-learning

Exploring Microservices E-learning

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Order the e-Learning training online Exploring Microservices. Incl. Exam quizzes, and Tips & tricks.

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Product description

Exploring Microservices E-learning

Order this unique E-learning course Exploring Microservices online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, speech, progress monitoring through reports and tests per chapter to test the knowledge directly.


Microservices Architecture


Building Microservice Architecture

  • start the course
  • define a service and its purpose in a service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • identify microservices and its advantages
  • distinguish the architecture behind microservices
  • recognize various microservice processes
  • demonstrate microservices from use cases

Traditional Microservices

  • identify various early versions of microservices
  • define the monolithic approach and the differences of using monolithic over SOA
  • recognize the benefits and costs of SOA
  • distinguish concepts in implementations of SOA
  • recognize early approaches including EAI and CORBA and SOAP

Microservice Patterns

  • describe the process of event-driven architecture with event sourcing
  • describe the Command Query Responsibility Segregation and how to implement queries in a microservice architecture
  • describe various design patterns for microservice-based architectures
  • recognize SOA concepts with Dev Ops and continuous deployment and delivery
  • define dependencies in microservices
  • compare the differences between using modules and services

Microservice Communication

  • compare the importance of cohesion and coupling microservices
  • define the various communication processes including Direct Client-to-Microservices communication and API Gateway
  • recognize concepts in building IPC

Practice: Microservice Architecture

  • recognize the various approaches to microservice architecture from past to present

Microservices Containers



  • start the course
  • define Docker and describe its components and relation to the microservice architecture
  • describe the benefits of using Docker with microservices
  • install and configure Docker
  • use the Docker GUI and toolbox

Using Containers with Microservices

  • define containers in microservices
  • recognize how to use containers with microservices

Developing Microservices Using Docker

  • define Dockerfile and how the tool is used to build and automate actions
  • use Docker to create a test database server
  • create a process using Docker to automate several processes


  • identify Kubernetes services
  • describe processes in connecting applications with services
  • configure a Kubernetes cluster

Practice: Observation of Docker

  • recognize how to use Docker with microservices

Microservices Deployment and Continuous Integration


Microservice Deployment

  • start the course
  • identify best practices in microservice deployment
  • describe various deployment implementations
  • recognize the use of service discovery and its benefits
  • describe various service discovery patterns

Microservices with Springboot

  • define Springboot and its use with microservices
  • describe how to install Springboot
  • define spring building with Maven and Gradle
  • define various springboot auto configurations


  • recognize concepts in REST and HTTP architecture
  • define various common REST constraints

Continuous Integration

  • define continuous integration and how its mapped to microservices
  • describe the Jenkins interface using the Maven plugin
  • describe the process of building and composing containers for the Jenkins UI
  • recognize the process of testing continuous integration

CI Testing Methods

  • list benefits of continues and performance testing

Continuous Delivery

  • describe various best practices for designing continuous delivery pipelines
  • recognize the differences between continuous integration and continuous delivery

Practice: Deployment and REST Microservices

  • recognize deployment architecture and RESTful services

Microservices Testing Strategies, Scaling, Monitoring, and Security


Microservices Test Processes

  • start the course
  • define the various microservices tests including unit and service testing
  • define the scope of testing end to end
  • recognize the use of performance and cross-functional testing
  • describe the process in implementing service tests

Scaling Microservices

  • define microservices scaling and the various methods
  • describe the process of scaling microservices databases
  • recognize the process of caching microservices
  • define autoscaling and how it's used

Monitoring Microservices

  • define various microservices monitoring tools
  • describe the process of monitoring a single server
  • describe the process of monitoring several servers

Logging Microservices

  • recognize various microservices logging tools
  • define log management and concepts applied to microservices
  • recognize the process of metric tracking across a span of servers

Microservices Security

  • recognize general security practices with microservices
  • describe the processes of authentication and authorization
  • describe the process of fine grain authorization
  • describe service to service authentication and authorization

Practice: Testing and Scaling Microservices

  • recognize the process of testing and scaling microservices end to end
Availabilty 8 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 90 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes
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