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Java Java SE 11 Development E-learning
Java SE 11 Development E-learning

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Java SE 11 Development E-learning

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Java SE 11 Development E-learning Training

Order this amazing, award-winning Java SE 11 Development e-learning course online, 1 year 24/7 access to extensive interactive videos, speeches, hands-on tasks and progress monitoring. After the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Java SE 11: Introduction to Java SE and the NetBeans IDE
Course: 53 Minutes

Introduction to Computer Programs
Introduction to the Java Language
Verifying your Java Development Environment
Running a Java Program
Java Classes and Program Structure
Introduction to the NetBeans IDE
Creating a Java Project and Class in NetBeans4 MinutesCompletedActions
Adding Packages to Java Projects in NetBeans
Writing a Main Method in a Java Program
Program Output
Recognizing Syntax Errors in NetBeans
Exercise: Creating Java Programs

Java SE 11: Variables and Operators
Course: 53 Minutes

Introduction to Variables
Using Variables
Initializing String Variables
Concatenating Strings
Using indexOf and substring
Initializing Integer and Floating Point Variables
Using Standard Mathematical Operators
Exploring Operator Precedence Rules
Setting Precedence Using Parentheses
Assignment and Concatenation of Numbers and Strings
Exercise: Concatenating Variables

Java SE 11: Expressions, Arrays, and Loops
Course: 44 Minutes

Introduction to Branching and Boolean Expressions
Using Boolean Operators
Creating if/else Statements
Creating Nested if/else Statements
Introduction to Arrays
Initializing Arrays5
Accessing Array Elements
Introduction to Loops
Creating for Loops
Using break and continue in Loops
Exercise: Creating Arrays, Branches, and Loops

Java SE 11: Objects & Classes
Course: 56 Minutes

Introduction to Objects
Defining Object Properties
Instantiating Objects
Describing Object References
References to Different Objects
References and Objects in Memory
Two References for One Object
Describing Arrays Objects in Memory
Describing Constructors and Methods
Implementing Constructors
Method Parameters
Method Return Types
Method Overloading
Variable Scope
Exercise: Creating Overloaded Methods

Java SE 11: Encapsulation
Course: 53 Minutes

ntroduction to Static Members
Creating and Accessing Static Members
Exploring Constants
Promoting and Casting Variables
Converting Data Values3 MinutesCompletedActions
Introduction to Access Control
Using Public and Private Modifiers
Using Setter Methods with Checking
Overloading Constructors
Passing an Object Reference
Passing by Value
Exercise: Data Conversion in a Setter Method

Java SE 11: Strings and Primitive Data Types
Course: 49 Minutes

Testing String Equality5 MinutesCompletedActions
Comparing Strings Lexicographically
Introduction to Mutable Strings3
Using StringBuilder to Concatenate Strings
Splitting Strings
Iterating Over Words in a String
Performing a String Replace
Primitive Data Types4 MinutesCompletedActions
Using the Modulus Operator
Using Combined Assignment Operators
Exercise: Concatenate a String of Numbers

Java SE 11: JDK Objects and Nested Loops
Course: 44 Minutes

Using the JDK API Documentation
Creating a LocalDateTime Object
Using Calendars
Printing Dates
Converting Between Date Formats
Parsing the args Array of the Main Method
Using a while Loop
Using a do/while Loop
Using a Standard for Loop
Exercise: Format Date Input

Java SE 11: Flow Control & Debugging
Course: 43 Minutes

Using Ternary Statements
Chaining if/else Statements
Using a Switch Statement
Using Two Dimensional Arrays
Using Enumerated Types
Using the Eclipse Debugger
Setting Breakpoints and Stepping Through Code
Debugging Variables
Exercise: Debug an if/else Construct

Java SE 11: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction
Course: 42 Minutes

Java Class Hierarchy and Inheritance
Creating Subclasses
Overriding Methods in the Superclass
Using the super Keyword
Casting Superclass References
Using the instanceof Operator
Contrasting Abstract and Non-Abstract Classes
Extending an Abstract Class
Exercise: Overriding Methods

Java SE 11: Inheritance, Lists, Inference, and Lambda Expressions
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Overriding the toString Method
The Multiple Inheritance Dilemma
Implementing a Class Interface
Interface Reference Casting
Introduction to ArrayList
Using an ArrayList to Store Objects
Array Concatenation
Converting an Array to an ArrayList
Using the Stack
Type Inference Using var
Lambda Expressions and Predicates
Exercise: Displaying the Contents of a List


Java SE 11: Exception Handling
Course: 59 Minutes

Handling Unexpected Events
Throwable Classes: Error
Throwable Classes: RuntimeException
Uncaught Exceptions and the Call Stack
Using try/catch to Handle Exceptions
Explicit Exceptions in NetBeans
Catching Multiple Exceptions
Exception in the Java API Documentation
Working with a Checked Exception
Exceptions Best Practices
Propagating Exceptions
Using Finally
Exercise: Catching Exceptions

Java SE 11: Modular Design
Course: 43 Minutes

Deploying an Application as a JAR File
Creating a JAR File for Deployment
Running a JAR File from the Command Line
Client/Server Two and Three Tier Architecture
Java Modular Design Principles
Modular Development
JAR Files and Distribution Issues
Accessibility Between Classes
Creating a Modular Application
Transitive Module Directives
Compiling and Running a Modular Application
Modular JDK3
Exercise: Creating and Running a Modular Application

Java SE 11: JShell
Course: 41 Minutes

Introduction to the JShell3 MinutesCompletedActions
Launching JShell
Using JShell Scratch and Traditional Variables
Creating JShell Snippets
Using the list, edit, and drop JShell Commands
Using the save and open JShell Commands
Using the vars, method, types, and imports Commands
Enhancing the IDE with JShell
Using JShell in NetBeans4 MinutesCompletedActions
Exercise: Creating a JShell Snippet

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