Microservices Microservices Architecture E-learning
Microservices Architecture E-learning

Microservices Architecture E-learning

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Order this unique E-learning course Microservices Architecture online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, progress through reporting and testing.

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Product description

Microservices Architecture E-learning

Order this unique E-learning course Microservices Architecture online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, speech, progress monitoring through reports and tests per chapter to test the knowledge directly.

Course content

Microservices Deep Dive

Microservices in Depth

  • start the course
  • define what microservices are and what they are used for
  • compare the monolithic approach to the microservices one
  • describe the state of open-source approaches to microservices
  • describe the Azure Fabric approach to microservices
  • identify what polyglot persistence is and how it relates to microservices
  • distinguish when and why to use microservices
  • list and describe common communication protocols used in microservices
  • describe key best practices for avoiding troubles with communication
  • explore the pros and cons of virtualization vs. containers for microservices
  • recognize how to implement automated testing in microservices
  • describe some real-world applications of microservices

Practice: Microservices Deep Dive

  • recognize the key technologies and features used to create microservices

Microservices Architecture and Design Patterns

Microservices Architecture and Design

  • start the course
  • describe microservices architecture
  • compare microservices with enterprise architecture
  • describe some alternatives to microservices
  • identify key aspects of what software design patterns are
  • specify some of the recommended patterns on how to compose microservices together
  • describe what a pattern language is and how it applies to microservices
  • list and describe the pattern areas recommended for use with microservices
  • specify how the patterns are applied and the typical decisions involved in creating microservices
  • describe how domain-driven design principles can be used with microservices
  • distinguish the ways that proper design can help prevent and deal with failure
  • specify some of the recommended fundamentals for creating useful and robust microservices

Practice: Microservices Design and Patterns

  • describe the pattern areas recommended for use with microservices

Microservices and Netflix

Netflix Microservices Architecture

  • start the course
  • describe how Netflix applies microservices to its solution architecture
  • list and describe the various tools provided in the Netflix OSS
  • recognize how the plugins provided by Nebula are used
  • describe the key aspects of Spinnaker and its use
  • define how client-side service discovery via Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka works
  • list the key features of the Netflix Ribbon library
  • describe the kept features of Netflix Archaius
  • detail the use of containers in Netflix
  • describe how Zuul provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, and security
  • recognize the role of Conductor in orchestrating various pieces of the Netflix puzzle
  • recall how event sourcing works for Netflix downloads

Practice: Netflix Architecture

  • describe some of the key microservices used in Netflix

Microservices Current and Future Trends

Microservices Current Trends and Challenges

  • start the course
  • describe the overall state of microservices development
  • list and describe some of the current security concerns of microservices
  • compare the various tools and frameworks currently in use
  • define what service meshes are and how they relate to microservices
  • recognize some of the current challenges faced by microservices

Emerging Trends

  • compare modularity with microservices
  • describe how microservices are expected to integrate with the IoT
  • describe the role that microservices are expected to play in the digital future
  • identify the emerging trends in application development

Microservices in the Real World

  • recall how Amazon uses microservices with AWS
  • recognize how microservices were implemented in a real-world example

Practice: Microservices Trends

  • recognize some of the current and future trends in microservices development
Availabilty 7 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 90 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes
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