Microsoft Access Microsoft Access 2010 Course Book
Microsoft Access 2010 Course Book
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Microsoft Access 2010 Course Book

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Product description

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Course Book

This practical Outlook 2010 course book tells in detail about all the different functions of Microsoft Outlook 2010. The Outlook 2010 course book is intended for anyone who wants to work faster and more actively and thus gets the most out of Outlook 2010.

The Outlook 2010 Course Book contains 297 pages, covering practical assignments and all subjects. Below you will find an overview of all subjects in the course book Outlook 2010.


General 3
Start Microsoft Access 2010 4
Exit Microsoft Access 2010 6
Using / managing the ribbon 6
The Navigation Pane 7
Undo / restore actions 9

Database 11
Determine the purpose of the database 12
Create a new database 12
Create a new database from a template 13
Create a template for a database 17
Open / close a database 19
Using the Recent option 22
Set a password when opening a database 23
Working with files formatted in versions earlier than Access 2007 24
Compressing and restoring a database 26
Backup 26
Splitting a database 27
Add an application part to a database 28

Objects of the database 32
The objects of an Access database 33
Changing the order / display of objects 33
Find an object 34
Managing objects 35
Manage custom categories and groups 37
Using themes 42
Create a shortcut to an object 46
View the properties of an object 47
Display information about object dependence 47
Save an object in PDF or XPS 49 file format

Structure of a table 52
Create a database 53
Adjusting the structure of the table in Datasheet view 55
Adjusting the structure of a table in Design view 60
Changing the properties of the fields 61
Making a Selection List 66
Customizing the values ​​of a multivalue picklist based on a fixed data list 69
Indexing a table 70
Define a primary key 72

Relationships between tables 74
Defining relationships between two tables 75
Managing database relationships 77
View / change related data in a sub data sheet 78
Printing database relationships 79

Records 81
Enter records in data sheet 82
Manage the data sheet 83
Enter records using a form 86
Entering Different Data Types 87
Using auto-correction 87
Access to records 89
Deleting records 91
Sort records quickly 92
Filter the records 92
Add / hide a total row in a datasheet 98

Data 100
Adjusting the value of a field 101
Copy / move data using the Office Clipboard 101
Insert a hyperlink 102
Checking the spelling of texts 105
Look up an entry in records 106
Replacing an entry 108

Print data 110
Using a print preview 111
Adjusting the margins and orientation 112
Print object 113

Create a form 115
Create a Car Form 116
Create a form using the Wizard 117
Create a navigation sheet 119
Viewing a form in Design view 121
Configuring access to the form fields 122
Customizing the properties of a form 123
Go to the source query of the form 124
A form with a subform 125
Manage sub forms 129
Insert fields from other tables 130
Preventing access to and modification of a field 131
Defining an input mask 131

Create a report 133
Create a report using the Wizard 134
View report in Design view 136
Adjusting the sort order of a report 137
Add independent subreports to the main report 138
Adding subreports related to the main report 138
Create a report for printing labels 140
Changing the page setup of labels 142
Printing a report 143
Introduction 144
Printing a report for specific records 144
Defining groupings of records 145
Printing Each Group on a Separate Page 147
Do not print the header and / or footer 147
Preventing duplicates from printing 147

Dependent controls 149
Insert a text box 150
Insert a field in the form of a check box, radio button, or toggle button 151
Create a dependent text box 152
List data from another table 153
Insert a group box into a form 156
Change the control type of a field 158
Inserting an object 158

Non-dependent controls 161
Create a label with text 162
Draw a rectangle or a line 162
Pages with tabs 163
Insert a page break 165
Insert picture 166
Inserting a background image 166

Calculated controls 168
Create a calculated control 169
Performing a conditional calculation 170
Using the Expression Builder 171
Inserting a Statistical Calculation into a Report / Form 173

Manage controls 175
Apply / Remove a table-top or stacked layout 176
Select controls 178
Controls 180
Deleting controls 181
Resize a control 182
Adjust the height of a control for printout 183
Change anchor usage of a control 183
Fitting the dimensions of controls 184
Aligning controls relative to each other 185
Equalizing the space between each control 185
Display a foreground or background control 185
Group / Ungroup Controls 186
Changing the format of a control's text 187
Changing the margins of a control 188
Changing the format of a control 188
Copy the formatting of a control 189
Change the format of a control's values ​​189
Changing the layout of the pages of a Tab control element 190
Adjusting the layout 191
Hiding control elements on screen or when printing 194
Changing the Default Properties of the Controls 194
Create a conditional format 194
Add action labels to controls or fields 197
Error checking in forms or reports 199

Sections 202
Show / Hide Sections 203
Change section height 203

Selection queries 204
Create a query for a table 205
Create selection queries for multiple tables 207
Defining the properties of a query 211
Editing query design grids 211
Run a query 212
Defining criteria in a query 212
Create parameter queries 215
Change Join Line in Multi-Table Query 216
Create a crosstab query 216
Create query unrelated records 220
Query to find duplicate records 221

Calculations in a query 224
Insert calculated fields into queries 225
Performing a Statistical Calculation Without Grouping 225
Performing a Statistical Calculation Using Grouping 226

Action queries 229
Delete records with a query 230
Create a table with a query 230
Add records to a table by query 231
Update certain records with a query 232

Pivot tables 234
Create a pivot table 235
Selecting a PivotTable Element 236
Changing the view of a pivot table 237
Deleting a Pivot Table Field 238
Adding a field to a pivot table 238
Moving / renaming a field in a pivot table 239
Format of a pivot table element 240
Grouping records in a pivot table 241
Filter PivotTable Records 243
Add total field to a pivot table 244
Create calculated fields in a pivot table 245
Show / Hide Totals 246
Displaying totals in percentages 248

Graphs 250
Creating charts with table data 251
Create a bound chart in a form 253
Create a Pivot Chart 255
Select Elements of a Pivot Grip 256
Show / Hide Pivot Graph Data 256
Change the pivot chart type 258
Editing pivot chart titles 259
Editing a Pivot Edge Legend 260
Layout of an element of a rotary engraving 260
Editing the axis of a pivot chart 260
Displaying different charts in a pivot chart 262
Changing the Function of Data Fields in Pivot Charts 263

Copy / Import / Export 265
Copy an Access table or query to Excel or Word by applying a link 266
Export an object to a database 266
Export an object to Word, Excel or an HTML document 269
Export an object to a text file 271
Linking data to a Word document without printing 272
Import or link data from a text, Excel, or HTML document 274
Importing or linking Outlook contact data 277
Import or link data from another Access database 279
Performing an export or import operation 279
Collecting data using email 280

Macro commands 286
Create macros 287
Creating a group of actions 289
Run a standalone macro 290
Run macros when opening a database 290
Create Sub Macros 290
Attaching a macro to a form / report / control 291
Change a macro 292
Execution of actions subject to conditions 292
Reference a field / property 293
Take other macro action 294
Define macro shortcut execution 294
Setting property values ​​in macros 296

Customizing the Access interface 297
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 298
Adjusting the Ribbon 299

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