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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Course Book
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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Course Book

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Course book Outlook 2013. Book Outlook 2013 book contains 236 pages full of information and exercises. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

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Product description

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Course Book

This practical Outlook 2013 Course Book explains in detail all the possibilities of the popular Outlook 2013. The Outlook 2013 Course Book is intended for anyone who wants to work faster and more efficiently and thus gets the most out of Outlook 2013.

The Outlook 2013 Course Book contains 236 pages, covering practical assignments and all topics. Below you will find an overview of all topics covered in the Outlook 2013 Course Book.


Working environment
What is Microsoft Outlook? 7
Start / shutdown Outlook 2013 7
The folder window 8
Using the navigation bar 9
Using the compact navigation 11
The taskbar 12
The reading window 13
The People panel 14
Use and manage the ribbon 16
Customize the display of a folder 17
Display the folder list 18
Link social networks to Outlook 18

To send a message
What is an email program?
Customize the appearance of an email folder 21
Change the format of the content of an email folder 21
Using the View as a call 22
Compose and send a message 24
Create a message on letterhead or an Outlook theme 27
Create a message in a specific file format 28
Templates 29
Resend a message 30
Revoke or replace a sent message 30
Determine the urgency and nature of a message 31
Mark a message for follow-up 32
Send a voice request message 35
Set the options for message follow-up 36
Set the options for sending a message 37

Receive a message
Read a received message 39
Mark messages as read or unread 41
Reply to a message 42
Forward a received message 44
Reply to a message with a voting request 45
Receive a message with an attachment 46

The message content
Insert a signature 49
Insert a file 49
Insert a calendar 51
Insert an Outlook item 53
Print the message content 55

Configuration of the e-mail program
Setting the Auto Preview of Messages 56
Choosing the default file format for messages 56
Read messages in plain text format 57
Create one or more signatures 57
Sign messages automatically 58
Apply an Outlook theme or e-mail paper as standard 58
Change the default font for messages 59
Specify how you want to be notified when a new email arrives 60
Configuring replies / forwarded messages 60
Managing the display in conversations 61
Managing the Email Tips Bar 63
Managing your email when you are away 64
Apply conditional formatting to message text 67
Manage junk email 69
Manage messages using the Rules Wizard 72
Use quick steps to perform recurring tasks automatically 75

RSS channels
Adding an RSS feed 80
Reading an RSS feed 83
Set the options for an RSS feed 84
Delete an RSS feed 85
Share an RSS feed by email 85
Export a collection of RSS feeds 86
Importing a collection of RSS feeds 87

The Agenda: general
What is the Agenda? 89
Go to the Calendar 89
The different views of the Agenda 90 folder
View a different date 90
Go to the previous or next item 91
Changing the active view settings 92
Managing the Calendar Weather Bar 94
View different calendars simultaneously 95
Save a calendar as an iCalendar file 97

Agenda items
Make an appointment 100
Create an event 102
Converting An Email Message To An Appointment Or Event 102
Changing a Calendar item 103
Repeating a regularly recurring item 103
Forward an item 104
Deleting recurring items 105
Responding to a reminder 106
Apply a conditional format to appointments and meetings 106
Delete calendar entries 108
Move an item 108
Create an additional calendar 109

Create a meeting 111
Add / Remove meeting participants / resources 113
Reply to a meeting invitation 114
Answer a meeting and propose a new time 115
Deleting a meeting 117

Print the calendar
Print the calendar 119
Print calendar entries 120
Setting the formatting properties of a style 121
Setting the margins and orientation of a print style 125
Set headers and footers for a print style 126

Agenda configuration
Determine the working week and working hours 128
Displaying the week numbers in the Date Navigator 128
Manage holidays 128
Share calendar groups and calendar
Calendar groups 130
Sharing a calendar 132
Open a shared Calendar 134

Outlook Today
What is the Outlook Today page? 137
Go to the Outlook Today page 137
Customize the Outlook Today page 137

What is the Contacts folder? 139
Go to the contacts folder 139
The Different Views of the Contacts Folder 139
Create a contact 140
Changing a contact's electronic business card 142
Adding contacts to your Favorites 144
Find a contact quickly 146
Linking contacts 146
Printing contacts 148
Sending a Contact Information by Email 149
Create a group of contacts 150
Editing a group of contacts 151
The different address books 152
Adding contacts to the Outlook address book 152
Removing members from the Outlook address book 153

What is Create a task 157
Create a recurring task 158
Tracking the progress of a task 159
Assigning a task to another person 160
Responding to a job request 161
Convert a message, appointment, or note to a task 162
Add a message or contact to the task list 162

What is a Note? 163
Go to the Notes folder 163
Changing the View of the Notes Folder 163
Making a note 164
Read or edit a note 164
Forward a note to someone else 164
Customizing the Icons View 165 a task? 154
Go to the Tasks folder 154
The different views of the Tasks folder 156

Manage items
What is an item? 167
Marking an item as personal 167
Selecting items 167
Using instant search 167
Performing advanced searches 171
Moving items to a different folder 172
Copying Items To Another Folder 173
Deleting items 173
Sorting items 173
Grouping items 174
Expand / collapse grouped items 176
Filtering Items 177
Printing items 177
Determining the page setup for printing 177

Item categories
Assign one or more categories to an item 179
Assign a category with Quick Click 180
Managing the main Outlook categories 180
Displaying items by category 182
Filtering items by category 182
Viewing all Outlook items in a category 183

Archive items
Archive messages 184
Managing message archiving 185
Export items to an Outlook data file (.pst) 187
Importing items 188
Open an Outlook data file (.pst) 189
Clean up the mailbox 190

Creating a new view 191
Managing the columns of a view 192
Changing the Font of a Table View 194
Allow direct data editing 194
Customizing a table view 194
Show empty fields (Map view) 197

Adding a Shortcut Group 198
Rename a Shortcut Group 198
Deleting a shortcut group 198
Changing the order of the shortcut groups 198
Adding a new shortcut to a group 199
Moving a shortcut 199
Renaming a Shortcut 199
Deleting a shortcut 199

What is a folder? 200
Create a folder 200
Create / manage a folder group 201
Create a search folder 201
Deleting a folder 203
Moving a folder 203
Rename a folder 204
Adding or Removing Folders to Favorites 204
Linking a Web page to a folder 205
Create a new item in a public folder 205
Copy a file to a public folder 206
Sharing a folder 206
Open another user's folder 209
View your rights for a folder 212

Email accounts
Adding an email account 213
Send a message by choosing an account 215
Deleting an email account 216
Send / Receive groups 216
Security 218

Customize the ribbon
Show / hide tabs 220
Create a new tab or button group 220
Managing the tabs and groups 221
Add or remove commands from a custom group 221
Restore default settings 222
Export or import customizations 222

Hot keys 225
Icons 227
Index 229

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