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Microsoft PowerPoint  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Course Book
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Course Book

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Course Book

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Course Book

This practical course book Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 tells in detail about all the different functions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. The course book PowerPoint 2010 is intended for anyone who wants to work faster and more efficiently and thus gets the most out of PowerPoint 2010.

The Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Course Book contains 320 pages, covering practical assignments and all subjects. View the Contents for an overview of all topics in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 course book.


Start PowerPoint 2010 4
Close PowerPoint 2010 4
PowerPoint 2010 work screen 4
Working with the ribbon 6
Move the quick access toolbar 7
Show / Hide Buttons on the Quick Toolbar 7
Undo the last actions 8
Restore previously undone actions 8
Repeat the last action 9

Show or hide screen tips 11
Customize the Status Bar to Personal Preferences 12
Change the display mode 12
Display of the ruler / grid lines 16
Zoom in / out 16
View a grayscale or color presentation 17
Adjust window display 18

To make:
Create a standard presentation 21
Create a presentation using a template / theme 21
Designing a photo album 25
Create a presentation from an existing presentation 28
Create a presentation from an Overview Document 28

Open a presentation 31
Opening a recently used presentation 32
Close a presentation 33
Save a presentation 34
Open unsaved presentations 35
Using automatically saved versions 36
Working with 2010 presentations in previous PowerPoint versions 37
Working with presentations in Office PowerPoint 2007-2010 file formats 38
Using OpenOffice Impress presentations in PowerPoint 2010 39
Save a presentation in PDF or XPS format 40
Save a presentation as a model template 42
Save a presentation as an overview 43
Protect a presentation using passwords 43
View / change the properties of a presentation 44
Send a presentation by email, 45
Save a presentation to SkyDrive 46
Open a presentation on SkyDrive 48
Send a link to a presentation on SkyDrive 50

Create footers (printing in Slide view) 53
Headers and Footers (Print Handouts, Notes, or Outline) 53
Changing the orientation of the pages for printing 54
Printing a presentation quickly 55
Print a presentation 55

Introduction 59
Changing the slides 59
Resize the slides 59
Scroll through the slides 59
Selecting slides 60
Numbering slides 60
Manage placeholders in the slide 61
Design slides 61
Change the slide layout 62
Delete slides 63
Copy / move slides 63
Duplicate slides 64
Insert slides from another presentation 64
Inserting slides from an Outline file 66
Using sections 69

Model view:
Using model views 71
Using slide master view 71
Edit placeholders in the slide master view 75
Changing the handout model 76
Change note model 78

Apply a theme 82
Defining the default theme 83
Adjusting theme colors to personal preferences 83
Edit the theme fonts 85
Adapting theme effects to personal preferences 86
Save a theme 86

Applying a background 88
Hiding the background images 89
Adjusting the background to your personal preferences 90

Enter text:
Enter title / subtitle / text without bullets, 97
Entering Bulleted Text 97
Entering captions in a note page 99
Automatic adjustment of 100
Move within a text placeholder 101
Select characters 101
Changing a text 102
Insert special characters 102
Work in the panel 103

Improve text:
Correcting a misspelled word 106
Check the spelling of a presentation 106
Check a text entered in another language, Translate one or more words 108
Finding the synonym of a word 108
Search for text 110
Find and replace text 112

Character formatting:
Changing the capitalization 114
Changing the font / size 114
Replacing a character font 115
Changing the character format 116
Change text color 117
Change the text format using the mini toolbar 117
Changing the character spacing 118
Apply a WordArt style to the characters 118
Change the character fill 119
Change text frame 120
Apply a special effect to the characters 121
Copy text formatting 122
Undo all character formatting 123
Numbering paragraphs 126
Change the line spacing within the paragraphs 127
Changing the spacing between paragraphs 127
Change the horizontal alignment of the paragraphs 128
Change the indents 128
Setting tab stops 129

Text format:
Changing the vertical alignment 131
Change the text direction 131
Presenting a text in columns 132

Auto Shapes:
Drawing a ready-made shape 134
Draw a curve or a free-form 135
Draw a doodle 136
Redraw a shape 136
Replacing one shape with another 136
Changing the points of a freeform 136
Adding an action button 137

Text objects:
Draw a text box 140
Inserting a WordArt object 140
Changing the format of a text box 141

Insert a table 145
Draw a table 145
Select from a table 146
Add / delete lines / columns 147
Merging cells 147
Split cells 148
Determining the size of a table 148
Change the column width / row height 148
Changing the alignment of the cells 149
Change the text direction in the cells 149
Change the table style 150
Changing the options for a quick table style 151
Changing the padding of the cells 151
Apply a background to a table 152
Apply borders to the cells 153
Apply a formatting effect to the cells 153
Deleting tables 153

Inserting an Image 156
Inserting an Illustration from the Media Gallery 156
Insert screenshot 159
Change picture border 159
Apply a quick style to an image 160
Apply image effects 160
Applying artistic effects to images 161
Change picture shape 162
Fit or fill an image to the shape 163
Soften image edges 164

Make an image color transparent 165
Controlling the contrast, brightness, and sharpness of an image 165
Changing the colors of an image 166
Change color saturation and color tone 167
Cropping an image 168
Remove contour and residual space 171
Restoring an image to its default values ​​173
Compress images 173
Disable image compression 173
Determine image resolution 174
Convert objects to image 174
Convert slides to image 175

Insert video file 179
Inserting a video from the media gallery 179
Embedding a video from the Internet 180
Playing a video 181
Resize the video object 181
Change video border 181
Change video shape 182
Crop video frame 183
Apply a style to a video 184
Special Effects for Videos 184
Edit colors of videos 185
Adjusting the brightness and contrast of a video 186
Change picture for video 186
Changing the properties for playing a movie object 187
Inserting A Sound From A File 187
Inserting A Sound From The Media Gallery 187
Recording a sound 188
Changing the Audio Object Playback Properties 188
Show / Hide Audio and Video Controls 189
Cutting in an audio or video clip 189
Adding / Removing Bookmarks 190
Compressing Audio and Video Clips 191

Smart Art objects:
Insert a chart 194
Edit bullets in a shape 195
Editing shapes in a diagram 196
Change the style of a chart 197
Convert text or picture to diagram 198

Insert a graph 201
Changing data in a graph 202
Invert the data of a graph 205

Selecting the elements of a graph 205
Change the chart / series type 206
Apply a ready-made layout to a chart 206
Show / Hide Chart Elements 207
Inserting an image / automatic shape or text box into a chart 208
Change the contents of an editable text box 208
Changing the horizontal axes 208
Changing the value axis 209
Change the data labels 210
Applying styles to charts 211
Changing the text direction in a chart element 211
Resize the numeric values ​​of a graph 212
Change the overlap / interval of the bars of a histogram 213
Changing a sectoral chart 214
Connecting the Dots from a Curve Graph 215

Manage objects:
Introduction 217
Select objects 217
Using the Selection and Visibility panel 218
Deleting objects 221
Move objects 221
Copy objects 222
Duplicate objects 222
Resize an object 223
Position object accurately 224
Placing objects on the grid 225
Working with guides 225
Align objects 226
Distribute objects 227
Rotate a shape or picture 227
Change the order of overlapping 229
Group / disassemble objects 229
Set an action associated with the object 230

Format objects:
Apply a quick style to an object 232
Change the padding 232
Change the outline of an object 233
Apply a formatting effect to the objects 234
Apply or adjust a shadow effect 235
Apply or adjust a light effect 236
Adjusting a 3D effect 237
Change the arrow style 239
Change the format of an object 240

Introduction 242
Apply animation effects 242
Choosing effect options 245
Create a custom animation path 249
Add more animation effects 250
Replace animation effects 251
Preview the animations 251
Displaying the Animation Pane 251
Selecting an animation effect 252
Deleting an animation effect 253
Changing the order of the animation effects 253
Activate an animation effect 253
Specifying a time setting for an animation effect 255
Repeat an animation effect 255
Linking a sound to an animation effect 256
Hide an object or change its color after the animation ends 257
Adjusting the animation of texts 257
Adjusting an animation effect on an audio or video object 258
Copy animation effects from one object to another 259

Set up slideshow 26 1
Start a slide show 262
Using the Reading View 263
Making the slides / animations appear manually 263
Hide slides in a slide show 265
Make a slide screen white or black in a 265 picture
Hide / Show the pointer during the slideshow 266
Changing the pointer to laser pointer 266
Taking handwritten notes in the slideshow 267
Recording narration, time settings and laser pointer 269
Specify the slideshow time settings 270
Apply a transition effect to a slide 272
Linking a sound to a slide transition 272
Create and project custom slideshows 273
Introducing the Presenter 275 View
Save slideshow 275
Save show as video 27 6
Broadcast Slideshows 278

Create a hyperlink Activate a hyperlink 283
Change / remove a hyperlink 286

Customize PowerPoint interface:
Customize Quick Access Toolbar 289
Adjusting the Ribbon 290
Import / Export Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar 294
Restore default Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar settings 295

Editing Comments 298
Mark a presentation as final 299
Compare presentations 301
Accept or reject changes 303

Other uses:
Copy data from Microsoft Word or Excel 305
Insert an object from another application 306
Export an object to Microsoft Word 307
Using the PowerPoint Viewer 308

Keyboard shortcuts:
Keyboard shortcuts 313

Good use of a computer presentation:
Computer presentations 318
You Must Know These Things 318
Make the most of your skills 319
How to make 320
Environmentally friendly solutions 320

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