Microsoft Office Specialist MOS MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016
MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016
Microsoft Office Specialist MOS

MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016

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Do you master Excel 2016? Order online and make an appointment for the MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016 to become a MOS Specialist!

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Product description

MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016: Interpreting Data for Insights

OEM Office E-Learning Menu has a specially equipped room at the Almere location for taking MOS Exam 77-728 Excel Expert 2016: Interpreting Data for Insights. This means that you can book Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 (MOS) exams. After your order we will contact you to determine the exact date that suits you best.At OEM Office E-Learning Menu you can request and run Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 (MOS) exams without following the training. Various Office 2016 exams are also available in Dutch. After you have booked an exam, you must register at Certiport.

For the Microsoft Office Specialist exams a rate of € 199.00 (incl. € 25.00 administration costs and excl. 21% VAT) applies to each exam. The exam must be taken within 1 year of purchase.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Exam Content Excel Expert 2016: Interpreting Data for Insights Exam 77-728

Objective Domains

Manage Workbook Options and Settings
1.1 Manage Workbooks
1.1.1 Save a workbook as a template
1.1.2 Copy macros between workbooks
1.1.3 Reference data in another workbook
1.1.4 Reference data by using structured references
1.1.5 Enable macros in a workbook
1.1.6 Display hidden ribbon tabs
1.2 Manage Workbook Review
1.2.1 Restrict editing
1.2.2 Protect a worksheet
1.2.3 Configure formula calculation options
1.2.4 Protect workbook structure
1.2.5 Manage workbook versions
1.2.6 Encrypt a workbook with a password

Apply Custom Data Formats and Layouts.
2.1 Apply Custom Data Formats and Validation
2.1.1 Create custom number formats
2.1.2 Populate cells by using advanced Fill Series options
2.1.3 Configure data validation
2.2 Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
2.2.1 Create custom conditional formatting rules
2.2.2 Create conditional formatting rules that use formulas
2.2.3 Manage conditional formatting rules
2.3 Create and Modify Custom Workbook Elements
2.3.1 Create custom color formats
2.3.2 Create and modify cell styles
2.3.3 Create and modify custom themes
2.3.4 Create and modify simple macros
2.3.5 Insert and configure form controls
2.4 Prepare a Workbook for Internationalization
2.4.1 Display data in multiple international formats
2.4.2 Apply international currency formats
2.4.3 Manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

Create Advanced Formulas
3.1 Apply Functions in Formulas
3.1.1 Perform logical operations by using AND, OR, and NOT functions
3.1.2 Perform logical operations by using nested functions
3.1.3 Perform statistical operations by using SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS functions
3.2 Look up data by using Functions
3.2.1 Look up data by using the VLOOKUP function
3.2.2 Look up data by using the HLOOKUP function
3.2.3 Look up data by using the MATCH function
3.2.4 Look up data by using the INDEX function
3.3 Apply Advanced Date and Time Functions
3.3.1 Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions
3.3.2 Serialize numbers by using date and time functions
3.4 Perform Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
3.4.1 Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions
3.4.2 Import, transform, combine, display, and connect to data
3.4.3 Consolidate data
3.4.4 Perform what-if analysis by using Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
3.4.5 Use cube functions to get data out of the Excel data model
3.4.6 Calculate data by using financial functions
3.5 Troubleshoot Formulas
3.5.1 Trace precedence and dependence
3.5.2 Monitor cells and formulas by using the Watch Window
3.5.3 Validate formulas by using error checking rules
3.5.4 Evaluate formulas
3.6 Define Named Ranges and Objects
3.6.1 Name cells
3.6.2 Name data ranges
3.6.3 Name tables
3.6.4 Manage named ranges and objects

Create Advanced Charts and Tables
4.1 Create Advanced Charts
4.1.1 Add trendlines to charts
4.1.2 Create dual-axis charts
4.1.3 Save a chart as a template
4.2 Create and Manage PivotTables
4.2.1 Create PivotTables
4.2.2 Modify field selections and options
4.2.3 Create slicers
4.2.4 Group PivotTable data
4.2.5 Reference data in a PivotTable by using the GETPIVOTDATA function
4.2.6 Add calculated fields
4.2.7 Format data
4.3 Create and Manage Pivot Charts
4.3.1 Create PivotCharts
4.3.2 Manipulate options in existing PivotCharts
4.3.3 Apply styles to PivotCharts
4.3.4 Drill down into PivotChart details 
Location Almere
Preparation Gmetrix test exam
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Locatie is perfect. gebouw is erg mooi en 1 minuut lopen vanaf het station dus zeer goed te bereiken en niet te missen.

Mijn Excel versie was in engels, echter waren de vragen in het nederlands. Dit kan erg vervelend zijn omdat ze dan vragen naar een "vlakdiagram" en dan moet ik maar weten dat dat een "area chart" is. Door dit verschil in taal was er ook een vraag die onmogelijk was om goed te maken. Hier dan OEM verder niet veel aan doen omdat het examen van Microsoft is. Desondanks ben ik voor het examen geslaagd en erg tevreden.

De examinator was ook erg vriendelijk.

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