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Tableau Tableau Data Visualization and Analytics
Tableau Data Visualization and Analytics

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Tableau Data Visualization and Analytics

Brand: Tableau
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Tableau Data Visualization and Analytics 


Tableau is data visualization software that can transform data into visually appealing dashboards. This learning path is designed for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the Tableau platform and its visualization and analytic features.


Data Visualization and Analytics with Tableau

16 uur

Tableau Interface and Sharing

Course Introduction
Examining the Data Pane
Exploring Shelves and Cards
Filtering Data
Using Worksheet Actions

Tableau Visualization Design

 Course Introduction
Using Show Me
Exploring Dimensions and Measures
Choosing Mark Types
Using Color Options
Changing the Size and Shape of Marks
Using Text Tables
Displaying Multiple Measures
Customizing Tooltips
Formatting Options
Creating a Shared Axis Chart
Creating a Dual Axis Chart
Working with a Multimeasure Marks Card

Tableau Charts

Course Introduction
Enhancing Bar Charts
Creating Area Charts
Making Pie Charts
Creating and Exporting Crozs Tabs
Using Scatter Plots
Working with Bubble Charts
Creating Bullet Graphs
Creating Tree Maps
Using Word Clouds

Tableau Data Connections

Course Introduction
Connecting to a Data Source
Customizing Your View
Managing a Full Refresh
Managing an Incremental Refresh
Extracting Data
Refresh Data Extracts on a Recurring Schedule
Data Blending
Working with Multiple Data Sets
Updating Relationships Between Data Sets
Cross-database Joins

Tableau Dashboards and Data Organization


Course Introduction
Creating Dashboards
Dashboard Layouts
Using Dashboard Actions
Advanced Dashboard Elements
Self-populating Dashboards
Creating Device Layouts for Dashboards
Creating Dashboards Online

Data Organization

Data Source Filter
Organizing the Data Pane
Organizing Dimensions and Measures
Naming Worksheets and Dashboards
Color Code Worksheets and Dashboards

Practice: Creating Dashboards in Tableau

Exercise: Create a Dashboard in Tableau

Tableau Time Dimensions

Course Introduction
Multidimensional and Relational Data Sources
Date Properties for Data Sources
Formatting Time Durations
Changing Date Levels
Fiscal Dates
Continuous Dates

Tableau Maps

Course Introduction
Custom Geocoding
Using Custom Background Maps and Images
Building a Map View
Prepare Geographic Fields
Built-in Geographic Roles
Blend Geographic Data
Creating Territories Using Geographic Roles
Creating Territories Using Groups
Creating Maps from Shapefiles
Mapbox Integration
Web Map Services (WMS)

Tableau Advanced Visualizations

Course Introduction
Adding Animation in Tableau
Hex Tile Maps in Tableau
Lollipop Chart
Cluster Analysis in Tableau
Tableau Highlighting Feature
Filter Across Data Sources
Creating Parameters
Creating Data Hierarchies

Practice: Using Advanced Visualizations

Exercise: Use Advanced Visualizations in Tableau

Tableau Calculations

Course Introduction
Using Calculation Functions in Tableau
Partitioning Fields
Addressing Fields
Using Table Calculations
Grouping in a Calculation
Using Reference Lines
Working with Trend Lines
Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

Tableau Scripting

Course Introduction
Preparing to Integrate Tableau with R
Configuring an Rserve Connection
Using Functions to Pass R Expressions
Sharing a Workbook with R Functionality
Publishing a Workbook with an Rserve Connection
Integrating Tableau with Hadoop
Working with Hadoop Hive
R Scripts
Using Script_real
Tabcmd Scripts
Tableau Python Server (TabPy)
Exercise: Integrate Tableau with R
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Availabilty: 16 hours
Language: English
Certificate of participation: Yes
Online access: 90 days
Progress monitoring: Yes
Award Winning E-learning: Yes
Suitable for mobile: Yes
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