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VBA Visual Basic for Applications Training Excel VBA Incompany
Training Excel VBA Incompany

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Training Excel VBA Incompany

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Training Excel VBA Incompany

The main objectives of these courses are:
1. That the students, after following the training, get a good picture of VBA Excel .
2. That the students, after following the training, find their way in VBA Excel without any problems.
3. That the students are able to perform the daily tasks using VBA Excel .
4. That the students are motivated to use VBA Excel more efficiently.

The Action Plan can look like this
We would like to offer your organization a solution that is arranged from A to Z.

1. Zero measurement
Beforehand we offer a telephone call free of charge to our Microsoft certified trainer (MCT) who is also a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master to determine the level, with expert advice.

2. In-company Training
The students receive a professional, theoretical / practical training in Dutch, English or in Dutch with the English Office software (custom) at your location. It is possible to provide your own practical material that can be discussed during the training. Your organization invites the students themselves (by e-mail).
We look at the target group and learning objectives, in consultation select the MOS Master teacher (s) and appropriate teaching material (if desired).
Weekend or evening training and rental of laptops is also possible.

3. Evaluation and completion
At the end of the Incompany training, an evaluation is carried out and a certificate of participation is visible in the user profile of the student via our LMS system or App. With this App all students of OEM Office Elearning Menu in the LMS can edit the Profile and download and view certificates of participation.

4. Private OEM Office Elearning Menu Facebook Group
Every student of OEM Office Elearning Menu gets access to The Facebook group. Intended to help, learn and inspire each other to work more efficiently. Each student can also download Quick Reference Cards QRCs in PDF format.

5. Aftercare
In consultation, questions can be asked by e-mail for 3 months regarding the content of the training.

Course content Programming in VBA Excel

The Properties window
Object overview
The code window
Naming of variables
Variable types
Declaring and filling a variable
Explicit declaration
Declare implicitly
Option Explicit
With - End With
Decisions and repetitions
Instruction If… Then… Else
Instruction Select Case
Instruction Do… Walk
Instruction For… Next
Error handling
Types of errors
Debugging Tools
Instruction On Error
Option Explicit
Option Base
oOption Private Module
Lifespan of variables and constants
Declare arrays
Multiple dimensions
Dynamic Arrays
ByRef and ByVal
VBA functions
Text functions
Date functions
Worksheet functions
Other important functions
User Defined Functions
Functions with parameters
Use a user-defined function
In a worksheet
In a procedure
The object model
Collections (Collections)
For… Each
Relative references
Determine or adjust the value of cells
Other properties
Copy / Cut
To stick
Cell displacement
Print cells
Empty cells
Functions for testing cells
Search and replace
Working with tables
Select parts of a table
Inserting lines or columns
Delete parts of a table
Delete data from a table
Adjust rows and columns
Use table data in an Array
Data from a column
The data of a rule
Increase or decrease the table
sort a table
Import data from CSV file
Import data from Excel file
Work folders and (work) sheets

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By: Kalina Kostadinova | Master Data Manager
Date: 09/01/2017

wo. 13 april 2016
Overall, I am satisfied with my training. It includes the basic information you need for VBA to build up upon it and gain practical knowledge afterwards. The trainer was very skilled and explanations were provided in a very systematic, logical and understandable way! He assisted me with the practical issues I am facing and how I can manage them so I would definitely recommend the teacher. However, the training itself is not sufficient to start working with VBA and requires additional time and

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