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Virtual Reality Exploring Virtual Reality E-learning
Exploring Virtual Reality E-learning

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Exploring Virtual Reality E-learning

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Exploring Virtual Reality E-learning

Order this great E-learning Training Exploring Virtual Reality online course  1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, voice, practice assignments, progress monitoring through reports and tests per subject to test the knowledge directly. After the course you will receive a certificate of participation..

Course content

Introduction to Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality?
20 Minutes

Course Introduction
Describing Virtual Reality
Defining the Types of Virtual Reality
Describing the History of Virtual Reality
Identifying Where Virtual Reality Can Be Applied
Defining Immersion in Virtual Reality

VR Hardware
11 Minutes

Describing Virtual Reality Hardware
Comparing Virtual Reality Headgear

Developing VR Applications
10 Minutes

Describing the Development Tools for Virtual Reality
Distinguishing Development Based on C++ vs. C#
Identifying Hardware and Software Requirements

Practice: Development for VR
2 Minutes

Exercise: Using VR in Development

Manipulating the VR Environment

VR Sickness
21 Minutes

Course Introduction
Defining VR Sickness
Defining How VR Causes Nausea
Preventing Nausea
Recognizing and Preventing Vection

Manipulating the Environment
10 Minutes

Detecting and Using Gaze
Defining the use of a Reticle
Working with the Render Scale
Physical Interactions
6 Minutes

Managing Rotation and Position
Using a Touchpad or Keyboard

Practice: Environment Manipulation in VR
3 Minutes

Exercise: Manipulate the VR Environment

Creating a Virtual Reality App with Unity

Unity VR Project
8 Minutes

Course Introduction
Installing Unity
Creating a Unity Virtual Reality Project

Unity VR Scripts
27 Minutes

Importing Unity Virtual Reality Scripts
Using VREyeRaycaster
Using VRInput
Creating a VRInteractiveItem
Responding to VRInteractiveItem Events

Interacting with the Environment
23 Minutes

Rendering a Reticle
Using SelectionRadial
Using SelectionSlider
Using Colliders
Using Asynchronous Loading

Practice: Virtual Reality in Unity
5 Minutes

Exercise: Use the VR Features of Unity

User Interfaces in Virtual Reality

User Interfaces
11 Minutes

Course Introduction
Working with UI Interactions in a VR Environment
Using Anti-aliasing with Fonts
Using 3D Text

Types of User Interfaces
19 Minutes

Creating a Nondiegetic UI
Working with a Spatial UI
Using a Diegetic UI
Setting Up a Blink Transition

Menus in Unity VR Apps
12 Minutes

Creating a Simple Context Menu for a VR App
Creating a Curved 3D Menu for a VR App

Practice: Menus in VR
3 Minutes

Exercise: Use Menus in a VR Environment

Optimizing for Unity VR

Profiling and Optimization
9 Minutes

Course Introduction1
The Role of Optimization in VR Apps
Using the Unity Profiler
Using the Frame Debugger

Techniques for Optimizing
13 Minutes

Working with Geometry
Working with Overdraw
Working with Occlusion
Using Draw Call Batching

Visual Optimization
15 Minutes

Configuring Lightmapping
Using Shaders
Managing the View Quality
Adjusting the Level of Detail Setting

Practice: Optimization for Unity VR
3 Minutes

Exercise: Optimizing VR for Unity

Android Cardboard and Unity VR

Development Environment
7 Minutes

Course Introduction
Getting Google VR SDK For Unity
Setting up a Google VR Scene

Building an Environment
23 Minutes

Using the Google VR Pointer System
Responding to Google VR Pointer System Events
Creating a Google VR Menu
Showing and Hiding Menus
Moving a Menu with the VR Camera

5 Minutes

Running on an Android Device
Running on an iOS Device

Practice: Cardboard for Unity
3 Minutes

Exercise: Use Cardboard with Unity

Using GoogleVR and Unreal

Steam and Unreal
10 Minutes

Course Introduction
Installing Unreal Engine
Setting Up Unreal for Android Development
Creating a New Project in Unreal

Building a VR App
24 Minutes

Configuring Unreal Project Settings for GoogleVR
Creating a Blueprint-based Pawn
Setting Up a Line Trace
Implementing Hit Testing
Debugging a Line Trace

8 Minutes

Configuring Build Settings for Android
Deploying to Android

Practice: Unreal and SteamVR
4 Minutes

Exercise: Use Google VR and Unreal

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Availabilty: 8 hours
Language: English
Certificate of participation: Yes
Online access: 90 days
Progress monitoring: Yes
Award Winning E-learning: Yes
Suitable for mobile: Yes
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