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Oracle Training Oracle Database 11g SQL Tuning
Training Oracle Database 11g SQL Tuning

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Training Oracle Database 11g SQL Tuning

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Order this great Elearning Training Oracle Database 11g SQL Tuning online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, voice, practice assignments, progress monitoring through reports and tests per subject to test the knowledge directly. After the course you will receive a certificate of participation..

Course content

Oracle Database 11g: Architecture, SQL Tuning, and Optimization

  • recognize Oracle database structures
  • recognize how to manage memory and database structures
  • identify SQL statements that cause poor performance
  • identify tools and tasks in SQL tuning
  • recognize how SQL statement execution works
  • recognize the basic features of the optimizer
  • avoid common SQL mistakes
  • recognize optimizer decisions in a given scenario

Oracle Database 11g: Indexes, Access Paths, and Join Operations

  • identify the functions of table scans in the optimizer
  • recognize types of indexes and how index scans work
  • recognize the features of index-organized tables and bitmap and composite indexes
  • use different acces paths
  • recognize how clusters and sorting operators work
  • recognize how joins and N-array operations work
  • recognize how to cache query results in the SGA

Oracle Database 11g: Execution Plans and Star Transformations

  • recognize how to gather execution plans
  • recognize how to display execution plans
  • recognize the views containing execution plan information
  • recognize how to use the AWR
  • recognize how to perform SQL monitoring
  • interpret execution plans
  • extract an execution plan used by the optimizer to execute a query
  • recognize how to use star transformation
  • use star transformation and access the benefits of using this optimizer technique

Oracle Database 11g: Optimizer Statistics, Hints, and Cursor Sharing

  • recognize how to gather optimizer statistics
  • recognize how to gather system statistics
  • use dynamic sampling
  • use system statistics
  • identify the features of bind variables
  • use cursor sharing
  • use optimizer hints
  • use hints and views
  • recognize how adaptive cursor sharing, the CURSOR_SHARING initialization parameter, and hints are used

Oracle Database 11g: Application Tracing and Automatic SQL Tuning

  • recognize how to configure the SQL trace facility
  • recognize how to use the trcsess utility
  • recognize how to use the tkprof utility
  • perform application tracing
  • recognize how statement profiling works
  • recognize how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • recognize the features of the SQL Access Advisor
  • recognize the features of Automatic SQL Tuning
  • perform SQL tuning and use the SQL Access Advisor
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Availabilty: 18 hours
Language: English
Certificate of participation: Yes
Online access: 90 days
Progress monitoring: Yes
Award Winning E-learning: Yes
Suitable for mobile: Yes
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