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Visio 2016 E-Learning

Visio 2016 E-Learning

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Visio 2016 E-Learning

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Microsoft Visio 2016 E-Learning 

In this E-Learning Visio 2016 course training you will learn the basics of Visio 2016. After completing the course you will be able to independently manage and create diagrams using Visio 2016. Topics covered include designing and improving diagrams. in Viso 2016, using shapes and office stencils, sharing shapes using Visio 2016, and much more.

Course content

Getting Started with Visio 2016Course:  42 Minutes

Exploring and Using Templates Course Introduction
Navigating around the Visio 2016 Interface
Creating New Diagrams with Templates in Visio 2016 Working with Shapes Window and Pages Exploring and Using the Shapes Window in Visio 2016
Inserting and Managing Pages in Visio 2016
Formatting and Setting up a Visio Document Configuring Page Setup Options in Visio 2016 Applying Themes and Theme Variants in Visio 2016
Applying Backgrounds to Pages in Visio 2016
Enabling Task Panes and Other Tools in Visio 2016
Creating a New Diagram Template in Visio 2016 Practice: Working with Visio Exercise: Using Templates and Customizing Visio 2016 

Creating and Managing Diagrams In Visio 2016

Course: 55 Minutes

Adding Shapes to Diagrams in Visio 2016
Using Stencils to Add Shapes in Visio 2016
Modifying Shapes in Visio 2016
Creating a Custom Stencil in Visio 2016 Inserting and Formatting Text and Symbols Adding Text to Diagrams in Visio 2016
Using the Copy and Paste Options in Visio 2016
Inserting Symbols in Visio 2016
Formatting Text in a Visio 2016 Diagram Managing Shapes Connecting Shapes in Visio 2016
Customizing Shape Connectors in Visio 2016
Arranging Shapes and Objects in Visio 2016 Practice: Managing Diagrams Exercise: Working with Shapes and Text 

Visio 2016: Creating, Saving, & Sharing Documents

Course:  55 Minutes

Visio has powerful diagramming and vector tools for virtually any task. Discover how to create and save documents, work with multiple documents, export as a PDF and other formats, compare versions, add comments, and share documents.
Creating a new document
Working on multiple documents at the same time
Saving a document
Checking for compatibility issues
Adjusting your save options
Saving your document as a PDF
Exporting your document in other formats
Comparing two versions of your chart
Changing file properties
Printing a document
Sending a document by email
Sharing a document on OneDrive or Office 365
Adding comments to a shared document

Visio 2016: Formatting & Structuring Documents

Course:  26 Minutes

Visio documents can be easily formatted and manipulated. Discover how to manage pages, work with page setup, change themes, work with backgrounds and borders, and create templates.
Managing the pages of your document
Changing your page setup
Changing your document theme
Changing your page background & borders
Creating a template

Visio 2016: Inserting & Formatting Text

Course:  33 Minutes

Visio is a powerful and flexible diagramming application, but text adds context. Discover how to work with and format text, use special characters, copy and paste, use spell check and autocorrect, find and replace, and use different pens.
Inserting text
Formatting your text
Inserting special characters
Copying & pasting
Using the spell check
Managing your automatic corrections
Using Find & Replace
Using different pens

Visio 2016: Inserting Shapes & Images

Course:  32 Minutes

Visio's graphical powers go far beyond simple drawing. Explore shapes, stencils, shape search, creating diagrams from templates, and inserting illustrations and links.
Adding shapes
Using stencils to insert shapes
Creating a personalized stencil group
Performing a shape search
Creating a diagram from a template
Inserting illustrations
Inserting links

Designing and Enhancing Diagrams in Visio 2016

Course: 50 Minutes

Adding Data to Shapes in Visio 2016
Adding and Editing Data Field Values in Visio 2016
Creating Shape Data Sets in Visio 2016 Creating Organizational Charts Add and Modify an Organizational Chart in Visio 2016
Using the Organization Chart Wizard in Visio 2016 Designing an Office Space Creating a Basic Office Layout in Visio 2016
Modifying an Office Layout in Visio 2016 Creating and Personalizing Calendars Creating a Calendar in Visio 2016
Customizing Calendar Content in Visio 2016 Practice: Designing Diagrams Exercise: Working with Diagrams and Shapes

Collaborating, Evaluating, and Saving Diagrams in Visio 2016

Course: 40 Minutes

Inserting Pictures and Charts in Visio 2016
Adding a Hyperlink to Shapes in Visio 2016 Tracking, Commenting, and Reviewing Configuring and Using Track Markup in Visio 2016
Adding Comments in Visio 2016
Using the Ink Tool in Visio 2016
Using the Find and Replace in Visio 2016 Saving, Sharing, and Printing Diagrams Saving a Visio 2016 Diagram
Using the Export Option in Visio 2016
Sharing Diagrams in Visio 2016
Printing Visio 2016 Diagrams Practice: Enhancing Diagrams Exercise: Using Insert and Save Options

Visio 2016: Formatting & Organizing Shapes

Course:  41 Minutes

Visio has powerful formatting options for shapes. Discover how to work with selection tools; format, group, organize, and arrange shapes; apply effects; work with layers; connect items; and create containers.
Using the selection tools
Formatting your shapes
Applying effects to shapes
Managing the items in your diagram
Grouping objects
Arranging items on a page
Using layers
Connecting items on your diagram
Creating a container to highlight shapes

Visio 2016: Adding Data to Diagrams

Course:  34 Minutes

Visio's power goes way beyond shapes and extends into data. Learn to work with data, including how to add information, insert data fields, import shape data, and insert links and objects.
Using Shape Data
Adding information about your diagram
Inserting data fields
Importing shape data from Excel
Importing shape data from other sources
Inserting a link to a subprocess
Inserting an object

Visio 2016: Visualizing Data in Charts & Tables

Course:  41 Minutes

Visio has robust ways to visualize data in charts and tables. Discover how to insert and edit charts, spreadsheets, and PivotTables, and explore how to work with PivotDiagrams.
Inserting a chart or a spreadsheet
Formatting your chart
Formatting your spreadsheet
Inserting a PivotTable
Editing a PivotDiagram
Formatting your PivotDiagram
Duplicating & reusing a PivotDiagram
Highlighting specific information

Visio 2016: Creating Data Graphics & Reports

Course:  32 Minutes

Visio has numerous ways to work with data and reports. Discover how to generate and edit diagram reports, organization charts, maps and plans, network diagrams, and calendars.
Generating diagram reports
Creating an organization chart from scratch
Editing an organization chart
Creating maps & plans
Creating a network diagram
Creating a calendar

Availabilty 8 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 365 days
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes
10/10 (1 Reviews)

    "Trainingsinhoud is op niveau en duidelijk uitgelegd. Weer wat nieuwe dingen geleerd. Fijne manier van leren en in eigen tijd."

    de Kort on 10 Jan 2021


10/10 (1 Reviews)

    "Trainingsinhoud is op niveau en duidelijk uitgelegd. Weer wat nieuwe dingen geleerd. Fijne manier van leren en in eigen tijd."

    de Kort on 10 Jan 2021


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