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Big Data E-Learning

Big Data E-Learning

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Bestel deze unieke E-Learning cursus Big Data online, 1 jaar 24/ 7 toegang tot rijke interactieve video’s, voortgangs door rapportage en testen.

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Big Data E-Learning Training

Bestel deze unieke E-Learning cursus Big Data online, 1 jaar 24/ 7 toegang tot rijke interactieve video’s, spraak, voortgangsbewaking door rapportages en testen.
Big Data represents high volume, high-velocity information assets, which enable better analytics, insight,decision making, and process automation.


Big Data Fundamentals

19 minutes

You've probably heard of big data technologies, but what exactly are they, and how can using big data give your organization a competitive advantage?

In this course, you'll learn about dealing with big data, the benefits that big data strategies provide, and the types of data and data sets big data incorporates. You'll also be introduced to the different ways it can be applied, depending on your market sector. Finally, this course covers some fundamental security challenges of big data and some best practices for managing big data through an effective information lifecycle.

Big Data Interpretation

21 minutes

Using big data can lead to significant gains for your organization. Managing big data effectively can lead to lower operating costs, better decision making, and innovative new product development. Dealing with big data means utilizing big data technologies to identify, gather, and analyze data sets and develop big data strategies that reap benefits for your organization.

In this course, you'll learn about the data analysis process. You'll be introduced to the most common basic and advanced analytics methods, including data mining. You'll also learn about some of the most common big data tools and their associated uses, and some challenges to keep in mind when undertaking big data analysis activities in your organization.

Making Data-driven Decisions

23 minutes

Organizations around the world are now realizing the many advantages of using data to overhaul their business strategies and gain a competitive edge. However, data-driven decision making doesn't mean you have to ignore your intuition or past experience. In fact, when used in combination with business acumen, data-driven decisions can be a powerful tool for change.

In this course, you’ll learn about the benefits of making decisions with data as the basis of your choice. You’ll explore best practices for taking a balanced approach to decisions that don't rely on a single perspective. And you’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes associated with using data to inform decisions.

Harnessing the Power of Data Science for Business Growth

23 minutes

Data science involves using scientific analysis, tools, and mathematics to extract useful insight from raw data, and then applying that knowledge for effective business strategy. Increasingly, companies are turning to data science. They can use scientific analysis, tools, and mathematics to extract useful insight from Big Data, to guide their decisions and drive business improvements.

In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics and key elements of data science, and its potential benefits for organizations. You'll also learn what skill sets are required on a data management team, best practices for extracting useful, actionable insights from data, and common challenges organizations face in using data science.

Organizing Business Data with Data Modeling

23 minutes

Modeling data can help businesses better organize and access data. Organizations rely on various kinds of data, including Big Data, to fully understand their business. To do so, they need that data to be easy to access and understand. Data modeling plays a critical role in both of these.

In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics of data modeling, and the common styles and types of data models used. You’ll find out how the three levels of data modeling can provide a detailed blueprint of a company's data. And you'll also learn about common strategies for building data models, and how doing so improves an organization's daily operations.

Turning Social Intelligence into Actionable Insight

22 minutes

Using social intelligence (SI) is not just about recording the number of likes, retweets, or followers you have on your various social media outlets. True social intelligence involves using the vast amount of raw, real-time data you have at your disposal and converting it into practicable insights to improve customer relationships.

In this course, you’ll learn about the benefits of social intelligence to your organization’s performance. You’ll explore how to monitor social media, as well as common sources of social media data. Finally, you’ll discover best practices for analyzing that data, common mistakes to avoid, and ways to use social-awareness strategies that deliver real business value.

Killer Marketing with Big Data

18 minutes

Professional marketers today have unprecedented access to customer data and complex data sets. By using Big Data technologies and analytical tools, they can gather insights about their target markets through things like website traffic, e-mail marketing, and social media activity. And they can glean incredibly useful information from dealing with Big Data to help drive effective operational marketing strategy.

In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics of Big Data, the benefits of managing Big Data for marketing purposes, the key challenges associated with using Big Data, and the best practices for data storage and handling methods. The course also covers considerations when implementing Big Data strategies.

Finding the Quality in Your Data

23 minutes

Successful data management in the age of big data is a challenge. Applying data quality best practices while making adjustments and optimizations can help your organization meet its business goals.

In this course, you'll learn about using data science in data quality management. You'll learn how to determine the quality of data, challenges and solutions for gathering quality data, and how to assess the value of data.

Being a Responsible Corporate Digital Citizen

23 minutes

Security risks are high online and businesses need flexibility to adapt to change if they are going to navigate online interactions safely. Staying current on digital innovation and security guidelines ensures your company's resilience against threats to secure data management.

This course will explore some responsibilities when interacting in an online world so you can become a good corporate digital citizen and reduce your data security risk.

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Er zijn nog geen reviews geschreven over dit product.


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