EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker V11 + Examen + Gift
Certified Ethical Hacker V11 + Examen + Gift

Certified Ethical Hacker V11 + Examen + Gift

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Certified Ethical Hacker V11 + Examen + Gift

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E-Learning Training Certified Ethical Hacker V11 + Examen + Gift

The e-Learning Certified Ethical Hacker V11 package includes,  C|EH Pre- Recorded Vidoes (01 Year Access) C|EH E- Courseware (01 Year Access) C|EH ilabs (06 Months Access) C|EH Examination Voucher

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CEH provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. It will teach you how hackers think and act maliciously so you will be better positioned to setup your security infrastructure and defend against future attacks. An understanding of system weaknesses and vulnerabilities helps organizations strengthen their system security controls to minimize the risk of an incident.

CEH was built to incorporate a hands-on environment and systematic process across each ethical hacking domain and methodology, giving you the opportunity to work towards proving the required knowledge and skills needed to achieve the CEH credential. You will be exposed to an entirely different posture toward the responsibilities and measures required to be secure.

Now in its 11th version, CEH continues to evolve with the latest operating systems, tools, tactics, exploits, and technologies.

What’s New in Version 11?

Incorporating Parrot Security OS
Re-mapped to NIST/NICE Framework
Enhanced focus on Cloud Security, IoT, and OT Modules
Modern Malware Analysis
New Lab Designs & Operating Systems
Increased Lab Time and Hands-on Focus
Industry’s Most Comprehensive Tools Library

Course Outlines

Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Foot-printing and Reconnaissance
Scanning Networks
Vulnerability Analysis
System Hacking
Malware Threats
Social Engineering
Session Hijacking
Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Hacking Web Servers
Hacking Web Applications
SQL Injection
Hacking Wireless Networks
Hacking Mobile Platforms
IoT and OT Hacking
Cloud Computing

Course objectives

Information security controls, laws, and standards.
Various types of footprinting, footprinting tools, and countermeasures.
Network scanning techniques and scanning countermeasures
Enumeration techniques and enumeration countermeasures
Vulnerability analysis to identify security loopholes in the target organization’s network, communication infrastructure, and end systems.
System hacking methodology, steganography, steganalysis attacks, and covering tracks to discover system and network vulnerabilities.
Different types of malware (Trojan, Virus, worms, etc.), system auditing for malware attacks, malware analysis, and countermeasures.
Packet sniffing techniques to discover network vulnerabilities and countermeasures to defend against sniffing.
Social engineering techniques and how to identify theft attacks to audit human-level vulnerabilities and social engineering countermeasures.
DoS/DDoS attack techniques and tools to audit a target and DoS/DDoS countermeasures.
Session hijacking techniques to discover network-level session management, authentication/authorization, and cryptographic weaknesses and countermeasures.
Webserver attacks and a comprehensive attack methodology to audit vulnerabilities in webserver infrastructure, and countermeasures.
Web application attacks, comprehensive web application hacking methodology to audit vulnerabilities in web applications, and countermeasures.
SQL injection attack techniques, injection detection tools to detect SQL injection attempts, and countermeasures.
Wireless encryption, wireless hacking methodology, wireless hacking tools, and Wi-Fi security tools.
Mobile platform attack vector, android vulnerability exploitations, and mobile security guidelines and tools.
Firewall, IDS and honeypot evasion techniques, evasion tools and techniques to audit a network perimeter for weaknesses, and countermeasures.
Cloud computing concepts (Container technology, serverless computing), the working of various threats and attacks, and security techniques and tools.
Penetration testing, security audit, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing roadmap.
Threats to IoT and OT platforms and defending IoT and OT devices.
Cryptography ciphers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography attacks, and cryptanalysis tools.

Job Roles

Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Cyber Security Analyst
CND Security Specialist
CND Fusion Analyst
Cyberspace Network Defense (CND) Technician
Cyber Red Team Operator
Cyber Network Defense (CND) Analyst
Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Computer Network Defense Intrusion Analyst
Cyber Security Engineer
Information Security Engineer
CND Cyber Analyst
Network Security Engineer
Cyber Threat Analyst
SOC Security Analyst
Information Security Analyst
IT Security Compliance Specialist
Global Security Assurance Analyst
Security Analyst Tier 3
Security Operations Analyst
Security Incident Response Analyst
Penetration Tester
Vulnerability Analyst
Sr. Security Threat Analyst
Tier 3 NSOC Analyst
Security Information Assurance Analyst
Technical Security Analyst
Information Security Manager
Risk and Remediation Manager
Systems Administrator
Cybersecurity Network Analyst
Cyber Security Vulnerability Analyst
Risk Assessment- Security Consultant
Information Security Associate – Insider Threat Analyst
Security Architect, Manager
Application Security Analyst
Cyber Security System Engineer
Software Security Analyst
Network Analyst
Information System Security Officer
SOC Security Analyst
Cyber Security Engineer II
Senior Cyber Security Monitoring Analyst
Cyber Security Incident Response, Incident Analyst
Cyber Security Incident Response Engineer
L2 Security Analyst
Senior Information Assurance/ Security Specialist
Technical Operations Network Engineer
IT Security Administrator

Duur 40 uur
Taal Engels
Certificaat van deelname Ja
Online toegang 365 dagen
Voortgangsbewaking Ja
Award Winning E-learning Ja
Geschikt voor mobiel Ja
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