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125718762 SKU 125718762

SharePoint End User Cursus E-Learning

125718762 SKU 125718762

SharePoint End User Cursus E-Learning

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De beste E-Learning training SharePoint End User cursus met praktijk oefeningen, voortgangsrapportage en certificaat van deelname. Start vandaag.

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SharePoint End User Cursus E-Learning

deze online E-Learning SharePoint End User training cursus leert u in SharePoint End User leert u als eindgebruiker zowel de basis als de functionaliteiten voor gevorderden kennen. Onderwerpen die onder andere aan bod komen zijn SharePoint navigatie, document bibliotheken, social networking, web parts, workflow, community sites, zoekfuncutionaliteiten, SharePoint Office apllications en nog veel meer.

Microsoft SharePoint is een krachtige tool voor samenwerking en bestandsbeheer. Ontdek alle aspecten van SharePoint en het gebruik ervan.


Signing in & Setting Up

35 minutes

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and document management tool. This 7-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, helps learners discover how to sign in for the first time, edit their profiles, work with the app launcher, find information, view other profiles, and edit SharePoint themes. Begin by learning how to log in, view your account, and securely log out of your SharePoint account, then explore the SharePoint interface layout, navigate, and find the key SharePoint features. Examine how to edit your profile information, used to help people learn a little more about you. Discover how to use the SharePoint search feature, which can return a huge amount of information taken from all the different components and areas on the platform. You can view a colleague's profile via SharePoint, and edit your SharePoint theme to one of your own choosing. Finally, the course covers modifying regional settings, useful if your company or team features people who are based in different locations.

Working with Communication Sites

35 minutes

Communication Sites are great tools for sharing information within your team or organization. In this 11-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, learners will observe how to build a Communication Site, customize its name, theme, and layout, and ensure that other people in an organization can use and edit it. Begin the course by discovering how the Communication Site is used and organized from the Sharepoint homepage, and then explore how to easily create a Communication Site, with the help of customizable templates. You can create either a Team site or a Communication Site. Once created, learn how to edit a Communication Site; add items to a Communication Site; and analyze the site usage, so you can view how your users are interacting with your site. You will conclude the course by exploring how to manage a Communication Site, share and configure permissions with a specific user, and access the advanced settings option.

Creating a Team Site

55 minutes

SharePoint allows teams to work collectively to achieve better efficiency. In this 11-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, learners can explore team sites, and discover how to add features, create site and Web Part pages, add content, customize site headers, edit links and use the Recycle Bin. Begin the course by learning how to create a team site, which is a useful way of centralizing your work and encouraging collaboration between team members. Explore how to edit a team site, manage site information and content. Learn how to identify and use site pages. Create a news post, so you can publish news to your team site; add features, or create a wiki page. Also create a Web Part page, which combines apps, different content types, and pooled data. Learn how to add content to your site; customize a site header or image, and edit site links. The course concludes by showing learners how to use the team site Recycle Bin.

Working with SharePoint Apps

41 minutes

SharePoint apps provide powerful flexibility through add-on apps. In this 7-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, learners can explore app management, and discover how to create and use apps, including contact lists, task lists, custom lists, surveys, and calendars. Begin by observing how to add an app to a site, and then create a custom list, so if you have a particular type of data that you want to organize in your SharePoint team site but you cannot find a list app that suits your needs, you can create a custom list. Discover how to create a calendar, and then use the calendar to create and manage events. Next, learn how to customize a task list, useful for organizing your To Do list or daily tasks, and in order to have access to your tasks outside of SharePoint, discover how to export them into a file format or link them with an existing program on your computer.

Working with Document Libraries

57 minutes

Document libraries allow you to subdivide content for specific projects. Learners can explore libraries and how to create them, add files, configure lists, use version history, share and check out items, create alerts, and export lists and libraries in this 11-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment. You will begin by observing how to create a library, which is a great way of sharing files with other users and editing documents together. Then explore how to add a file to a library; organize files, and configure a library. Delve into activating version history in SharePoint; share items from a library, and check out a document, very useful if you are intending to make important changes to it and want to prevent anyone else from making modifications when you do. Next, examine how to create alerts; how to activate the Require Approval setting for items in SharePoint; and learn how to download documents to your computer. The course concludes with an exploration of exporting libraries to other applications.

Building Web Pages

19 minutes

Web pages are a great way of sharing ideas and presenting information in an interactive way. SharePoint offers sophisticated web page functionality, and once you master that functionality, you can start building yours. In this 5-video course, "SharePoint Online: Building Web Pages," learners will discover how to format text, add bullet lists, and structure their web pages in SharePoint. This course has been recorded in a SharePoint Online environment. Begin by discovering how to format text to help highlight information using the formatting tools. Then learn how to create a bullet or number list to organize information; use the clipboard to store elements that you want to move around or copy, and format your paragraphs to better organize your ideas and make your text more readable. The course concludes by covering how to add structure to a web page by adding columns, headers, and headings with the text layout and styles tools.

Illustrating Web Pages

49 minutes

If you would like to illustrate your SharePoint page further, you can add additional items. In this 10-video course, recorded in a SharePoint Online environment, learners will discover how to organize data by adding tables, and include media such as images and videos to present information in a more visually pleasing way. Begin this course by observing how to insert a table by using SharePoint, which has a number of different tools to insert and modify your table. Next, learn how to format your table; insert an image, and insert a multimedia file. Also explore another way of integrating video into your SharePoint page by using online media. Learn how to add a hyperlink; insert a file, and a map. This leads learners into observing how to add a web part, which is a very useful tool if you want to integrate additional content into your site page. Finally, the course covers editing or customizing a web part.

Duur 4:51 uur
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Er zijn nog geen reviews geschreven over dit product.

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