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About OEM with the Best Courses and IT Trainings

About OEM Office Elearning Menu - The trainer for the PC end user and the IT Professional

OEM Office Elearning Menu was founded by Graham Hulsebos in 2010 and has grown into an international training center with 15 specialists, an accredited Microsoft partner, an authorized Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam center with more than 17 years of experience helping individuals and organizations with e-learning courses, In-company training in the various Microsoft Office packages and many other applications and IT professionals who want to train and certify.

We are also specialized in Microsoft Office en Google Migration processes. With more than 2,200 different Trainings and Courses, the most complete trainer in the Netherlands.
According to our customers (3500+) you are assured of top quality at a very favorable price.

Splendid Learning

The business philosophy of OEM Office Elearning Menu is optimally reflected in Splendid Learning model. Splendid Learning has been developed to achieve a more efficient result. With Splendid Learning you can be sure that you get the most out of your training budget, which is reflected in increasing the 'Human Capital' of your organization. This return can now also be measured. You go through the entire model of our services to get the optimum return from the time and effort invested.


To gain insight into the current knowledge gaps of the student, we use an online pre-test linked and prior to an E-learning course.
For an In-company training we use an online baseline measurement via a multiple choice question test for Microsoft Office.

The knowledge gaps for the IT professional are determined at certification level with the help of the MeasureUp.

Pre-test for Microsoft Office

The result of the pre-test can be processed in a customized E-learning. This way the student only learns what he / she does not yet master. This saves you time and money. Of course a teacher can process the results in an in-company training.

MeasureUp for IT Professionals

The teacher can use the results of the MeasureUp with an In-company training to provide in-depth training in a shorter time.


Improve for End Users
Now that the student knows what the exact learning need is, the next step is to take the (online) course. The course can be trained as standard for 365 days and can be completed at your own pace and sequence after the start date. In addition, the online course is accessible 24/7 everywhere and at any time and an installed Microsoft Office on the computer is not required (In the Cloud). The course contains reading assignments, lessons, practical assignments with real-time analysis of the assignments carried out and results, while the real-time progress report remembers the progress the student has made.

Cost per student.
For this you can count on average € 20.00 per hour of E-learning. 2 hours of E-learning is about the same as a day of classroom training. You already have the first saving in there. A day of classroom training quickly costs € 555.00 per student. Calculate it yourself or contact us. We are happy to calculate for you how much you can save as an organization.

Improve for IT Professionals
With an In-company training, the teacher will train the student in 1 or more days and guide them towards the intended exam. The training duration is always tailor-made and depends on the student's learning objectives and the results from the MeasureUp.


Strengthen for End Users
To strengthen the online course we offer Microsoft Office course books. The Microsoft Office course books contain hundreds of pages. This includes practical assignments and all subjects.
Publisher: Microsoft Gold Partner

Strengthen for IT Professionals

To strengthen the In-company training, we offer you our OEM Certkits. This OEM Certkit contains all the required E-learning training courses (video-based), Exam Quizzes (to measure knowledge in the meantime), Online Mentor (24/7 contact with a teacher by mail or chat), Practical Virtual Labs (Optional if available * extra charge), exam simulation and tips & tricks.


Assistance for the End User
In order to offer the student extra support after the online course, we have various reference works such as Microsoft Office course books and Office videos.

Assistance for IT Professionals
The OEM Certkits are very efficient to support the student. The tips and tricks contain useful tools to prepare the student extra for the exam. In addition, the student can contact a teacher by e-mail and chat 24/7.


Confirm for end users
To actually measure the student's knowledge and skills and determine their value, we offer the student a Post-test of 15 minutes.
The result of the Post-test enables the student and / or management to know whether the desired learning objectives have been achieved.

Confirm for IT Professionals
To verify whether you are ready for the exam, you can run the MeasureUp again.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification
Is the student ready to convert the knowledge into a MOS certification? To prepare the student for the exam, we offer Gmetrix Microsoft Office test exams.

Need training advice?

Feel free to contact our training advisors for all your questions. Or leave your details behind, then you will hear from us quickly.


We are a Microsoft and Certiport partner. OEM Office Elearning Menu is also an official Microsoft Office Testing Center.


With OEM Office Elearning Menu you not only benefit from favorable prices, but also from continuous time saving after training in the future.

At the office we work no less than 80% of our time with Microsoft Office programs. (Certiport Survey, 2007)
Dutch companies lose an estimated 23 billion euros annually because employees do not master the basic computer skills. (University of Twente)
We spend an average of 38 minutes a day on figuring out computer and internet problems due to insufficient skills. (University of Twente)
Research has shown that 87% of certified individuals can perform more work-related assignments in less time because they have a Microsoft Office certification. (Certiport Survey, 2007)
6 out of 10 MOS-certified respondents indicate that they have carried out more complex or difficult assignments since they have passed their exams. (Certiport Survey, 2007)

We are happy to calculate for you what you will save in time after training your employees.