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Item number: 141523903

AngularJS 2.0 Training

Item number: 141523903

AngularJS 2.0 Training

159,00 192,39 Incl. tax

Order this unique E-Learning Training AngularJS 2.0 online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, progress through reporting and testing.

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AngularJS 2.0 E-Learning

Order this unique E-Learning AngularJS 2.0 course online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, voice, progress monitoring through reports.

Angular 2 is a JavaScript framework for creating single-page application front-ends for the Web. Angular 2 is a rewrite from Angular 1 and as such takes a different approach to web application development than its predecessor. This learning path will teach you how to configure a development environment for building Angular 2 apps, as well as the various aspects that go into creating an app. You will learn how to create and use modules and components and also how to take advantage of Angular's template syntax. You’ll learn how to use the various directives and pipes that come built in to Angular, and also how to create your own directives, pipes, and services. The path will cover building and validating forms, implementing SPA routing, and also making network calls using HTTP. You’ll also learn to develop rich experiences by taking advantage of animation, in addition to developing cross platform apps that can run and perform well on mobile devices. You’ll learn how to test Angular applications, how to secure Angular applications, and also how to use the Angular CLI to perform simple tasks from the command line.

Course content

Introducing Angular

Course: 48 Minutes

  • Course Introduction
  • Describing the Changes for Angular
  • AOT and i18n in Angular
  • JIT and i18n in Angular
  • i18n and Pluralization
  • Working with the Improved Currency and Percent Pipes
  • Using Multiple Names in ExportAs
  • Configuring Route Activation Start/End Events
  • Performing Min and Max Validation on Forms
  • Recognizing the Stable NgTemplateOutlet API
  • Creating a Reusable Component Using NgTemplateOutlet

Animation Changes

Course: 6 Minutes

  • Working with :increment and :decrement aliases
  • Working with @.disabled and Improved Errors

HttpClient Improvement

Course: 9 Minutes

  • Performing HTTP Operations Using the HttpClient API
  • Using HTTP Interceptors

UpdateOn Changes

Course: 8 Minutes

  • Working with UpdateOn in Template Driven Forms
  • Working with UpdateOn in Reactive Forms

Service Workers

Course: 7 Minutes

  • Understanding Angular 5 Service Workers
  • Caching Resources with Service Workers

Platform Improvements

Course: 5 Minutes

  • Performing Lazy Loading of Angular Modules

Practice: Angular 5 Development

Course: 3 Minutes

  • Exercise: Using Angular 5 Features3


Course: 13 Minutes

  • Course Introduction
  • Native Bootstrap Angular Directives
  • Installing ng-bootstrap
  • Setting Up an ng-bootstrap Application

ng-bootstrap Components

Course: 28 Minutes

  • Using ng-bootstrap Buttons
  • Using ng-bootstrap Alerts4
  • Using ng-bootstrap Progress Bars
  • Using ng-bootstrap Carousels
  • Using ng-bootstrap Ratings
  • Working with Dialogs


Course: 9 Minutes

  • Using Amexio
  • Installing and Configuring Amexio

Amexio Components

Course: 40 Minutes

  • Working with Amexio Buttons
  • Working with the Amexio Data Grid
  • Using the Gauge Component
  • Creating a Bar Chart
  • Using the CandleStick Chart
  • Working with Combo Charts
  • Using the Timeline Chart
  • Using the Tree View Component

Practice: Bootstrap and Amexio

Course: 4 Minutes

  • Exercise: Use Bootstrap and Amexio4

Angular Material

Course: 10 Minutes

  • Course Introduction
  • Describing Angular Material
  • Installing Angular Material
  • Installing Gesture Support and Icons

Material Components

Course: 41 Minutes

  • Using the Material Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Using the Material Slider and Slider Toggle
  • Working with the Menu and Toolbar Components
  • Using Material Side Navigation
  • Displaying Data Using the Indicator Components
  • Using Material Snackbars
  • Using Material Progression Components
  • Working with Material Tables

Angular Universal

Course: 19 Minutes

  • Describe Angular Universal
  • Preparing an App for Angular Universal
  • Building and Running a Universal App

Practice: Angular Material and Universal

Course: 3 Minutes

  • Exercise: Use Angular Material Components
Language English
Qualifications of the Instructor Certified
Course Format and Length Teaching videos with subtitles, interactive elements and assignments and tests
Lesson duration 10 Hours
Progress monitoring Yes
Access to Material 365 days
Technical Requirements Computer or mobile device, Stable internet connections Web browsersuch as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.
Support or Assistance Helpdesk and online knowledge base 24/7
Certification Certificate of participation in PDF format
Price and costs Course price at no extra cost
Cancellation policy and money-back guarantee We assess this on a case-by-case basis
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Tip! Provide a quiet learning environment, time and motivation, audio equipment such as headphones or speakers for audio, account information such as login details to access the e-learning platform.

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