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Item number: 139835387

Data Analytics with Snowflake Training

Item number: 139835387

Data Analytics with Snowflake Training

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Data Analytics with Snowflake E-Learning Training Gecertificeerde docenten Quizzen Assessments Tips Tricks Certificate.

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Software Project Lead to Advanced Scrum Master E-Learning

In the Data Analytics with Snowflake LearningKIT, you will explore Snowflake, how to set up Snowflake, execute queries using the snowflake web interface, and perform various operations like time travel and Fail-safe in snowflake. You will also explore the loading data into Snowflake, integrate Snowflake with Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Amazon S3, unloading data from Snowflake to all types of internal as well as external storage. You will also learn performance optimization and clustering, working with continuous data and semi-structured data, and performing advanced analytics in Snowflake. You will also explore how to manage and administer snowflake and how to securely share snowflake objects with other snowflake users.

This LearningKit with more than 20 hours of learning is divided into three tracks:

Course content

Track 1: Getting Started with Snowflake

In this track, the focus will be on uisng the Snowflake platform, working with queries, dashboards, tables, and using Time Travel and SnowSQL CLI.
Courses (4 hour +):

Getting Started with Snowflake: Using the Snowflake Data Platform
Course: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • The Snowflake Data Platform
  • The Snowflake Architecturens
  • Snowflake Editions
  • Snowflake’s Billing Model
  • Setting up a Snowflake Free Trial
  • Snowflake Warehouses
  • Objects in Snowflake
  • Utilizing the Snowflake UI
  • Using Snowflake Objects
  • Running Basic Queries
  • Creating a Simple Warehouse
  • Creating Databases and Tables from the UI
  • Reading Data into Snowflake
  • Moving Tables across Schemas
  • Course Summary

Getting Started with Snowflake: Queries, Dashboards, & Tables
Course: 1 Hour, 26 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Using Snowsight
  • Creating Objects from Snowsight
  • Viewing the Output of Snowsight Queries
  • Running Various Queries
  • Using daterange and datebucket
  • Adding Visualizations to Dashboards
  • Partitioning and Clustering
  • Types of Tables in Snowflake
  • Using Permanent and Temporary Tables
  • Utilizing Temporary Tables
  • Using Transient Tables
  • Course Summary

Getting Started with Snowflake: Using Time Travel & the SnowSQL CLI
Course: 1 Hour, 26 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • The Phases of Snowflake Data Storage
  • Configuring a Table for Time Travel
  • Using Query IDs and Time Offsets for Time Travel
  • Cloning Historical Copies of Data Using Timestamps
  • Restoring Dropped Tables
  • Installing SnowSQL on Mac
  • Installing SnowSQL on Windows
  • Executing Queries from SnowSQL
  • Running Queries in Source Files
  • Defining and Using Variables
  • Writing Out Query Results to Files
  • Course Summary

Track 2: Working with the Snowflake Data Platform

In this track, the focus will be on Snowflake. You will explore Snowflake data loading and queries.
Courses (8 hours +)

Data Loading in Snowflake: Fundamentals of Stages
Course: 2 Hours, 9 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Stages in Snowflake
  • Data Loading in Snowflake
  • Bulk Loading and Snowflake Stages
  • Creating a Warehouse for Loading Data into Snowflake
  • Loading Erroneous Data into Snowflake
  • Loading Data into Snowflake
  • Downloading Query Results from Snowflake
  • Recognizing Limitations of the Classic Snowflake UI
  • Loading Data into the User Stage of Snowflake
  • Loading Data from Stages in Snowflake to a Table
  • Using Named Stages in Snowflake
  • Using Table Stages in Snowflake
  • Using Error Modes for Table Stages in Snowflake
  • Creating Named Stages in Snowflake
  • Copying Data with Named Stages in Snowflake
  • Course Summary

Data Loading in Snowflake: Using External Stages
Course: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Bulk Loading in Snowflake from Cloud Platforms
  • Bulk Loading in Snowflake from Google Cloud Storage
  • Creating a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Bucket
  • Setting up a GCP Integration
  • Connecting to GCS from Snowflake
  • Bulk Loading in Snowflake from Microsoft Azure
  • Configuring an Azure Storage Account
  • Integrating Blob Storage with Snowflake
  • Bulk Loading in Snowflake from Amazon S
  • Setting up Amazon S
  • Integrating with Amazon S3 from Snowflake
  • Connecting Snowflake to Amazon S3 Using Access Keys
  • Using External Tables in Snowflake
  • Course Summary

Data Loading in Snowflake: Unloading Data
Course: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Data Unloading in Snowflake
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake to User Stages
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake Using Table Stages
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake to Named Stages
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake to the GCP
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake to Azure
  • Unloading Data in Snowflake to Amazon S
  • Querying Files in Snowflake Stages
  • Querying Table and Named Stages in Snowflake
  • Querying External Stages in Snowflake
  • Course Summary

Queries in Snowflake: Getting Started with Performance Optimizations
Course: 1 Hour, 52 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Micro-partitions in Snowflake
  • Snowflake Caching
  • Loading Data into Tables
  • Using Caching in Snowflake
  • Disabling Caching
  • Querying Data Using the Local Disk Cache
  • How Clustering Works in Snowflake
  • Overlap Depth of Micro-partitions
  • Snowflake Clustering Concepts
  • Choosing Clustering Keys
  • Using Clustering
  • Running Queries on Clustered Data
  • Suspending Clustering
  • Clustering with Multiple Key Columns
  • Course Summary

Queries in Snowflake: Search Optimization, External Table Partitions, & Views
Course: 1 Hour, 32 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Search Optimization in Snowflake
  • Enabling Search Optimization
  • Using Search Optimization
  • Comparing Search Optimization and Clustering
  • Partitioning of Snowflake External Tables
  • Creating an External Stage and Table
  • Partitioning External Tables
  • Performing Manual Partitioning on External Tables
  • Views in Snowflake
  • Creating Views
  • Querying Views
  • Querying Materialized Views
  • Creating and Using Secure Views
  • Course Summary

Track 3: Advanced Analytics with Snowflake

In this track, the focus will be on Snowflake continuous data, analytics, and managing Snowflake.
Courses (8 hours +)

Continuous Data: Ingesting Continuous Data in Snowflake
Course: 48 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Processing Data in Micro-batches
  • Continuous Data Ingestion with Snowpipes
  • Setting Up a Table and Stage for Data Ingestion
  • Creating a Snowflake Pipe
  • Ingesting Data with a Snowpipe
  • Course Summary

Continuous Data: Automating Data Ingestion from Cloud Storage into Snowflake
Course: 1 Hour, 27 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Configuring an Azure Storage Account
  • Setting Up an S3 Integration in Snowflake
  • Creating an Azure Notification Integration
  • Integrating Snowflake with Azure
  • Streaming Data from Azure
  • Creating an AWS IAM Role
  • Configuring an SNS Topic
  • Integrating AWS with Snowflake
  • Testing the Integration with AWS
  • Course Summary

Advanced Analytics: Performing Analytics Using Snowflake
Course: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Big Data Analytics in Snowflake
  • Performing Join Operations in Snowflake
  • Executing Additional Joins in Snowflake
  • Using Subqueries
  • Snowflake Sampling
  • Performing Row and Block Sampling in Snowflake
  • Using CTEs within Queries
  • Employing Self-joins and Recursive CTEs
  • Using the CONNECT BY Clause
  • Snowflake Windowing
  • Utilizing Rank-related Functions
  • Using Ranking and Windowing Functions
  • Performing Windowing Operations
  • Utilizing Sliding Windows
  • Course Summary

Semi-structured Data: Loading and Querying JSON & XML Data in Snowflake
Course: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Structured, Unstructured, and Semi-structured Data
  • Setting Up a Table and Stage for JSON Data
  • Accessing Unstructured JSON Data from Snowflake
  • Loading Arrays into Snowflake Tables
  • Extracting Column Values to a Relational Table
  • Performing Load Operations for JSON Data
  • Stripping Away Outer Arrays from JSON
  • Querying JSON Data and Flattening Nested Data
  • Querying XML Data and Flattening Hierarchical Data
  • Course Summary

Managing Snowflake: Administering a Snowflake Account
Course: 1 Hour, 28 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Snowflake Parameters
  • Viewing Accounts and Users in an Organization
  • Creating Snowflake Accounts
  • Configuring Parameters in Snowflake
  • Using User-level Parameters in Snowflake
  • Using Object-level Parameters in Snowflake
  • Snowflake Security Configuration
  • Using Resource Monitors in Snowflake
  • Setting up Single Sign-on (SSO) Using Okta
  • Using SSO in Snowflake
  • Using Key Pair Authentication with Snowflake
  • Masking Data in Columns
  • Course Summary

Data Sharing in Snowflake: Implementing Secure Data Sharing
Course: 1 Hour, 48 Minutes

  • Course Overview
  • Data Sharing in Snowflake
  • Secure Sharing Constraints
  • Creating Objects for Secure Sharing
  • Setting Up a Secure Share
  • Accessing Shared Data as a Consumer
  • Creating and Sharing Data with Reader Accounts
  • Using Snowflake Marketplace
  • Viewing Permission Grants on Shareable Objects
  • Defining a Secure Share Using Queries
  • Creating a Destination Account for Replication
  • Setting Up Cross-region Data Replication
  • Migrating Objects to a Replica
  • Course Summary

• Final Exam: The Snowflake Data Platform

Language English
Qualifications of the Instructor Certified
Course Format and Length Teaching videos with subtitles, interactive elements and assignments and tests
Lesson duration 20 Hours
Assesments The assessment tests your knowledge and application skills of the topics in the learning pathway. It is available 365 days after activation.
Online Virtuele labs Receive 12 months of access to virtual labs corresponding to traditional course configuration. Active for 365 days after activation, availability varies by Training
Online mentor You will have 24/7 access to an online mentor for all your specific technical questions on the study topic. The online mentor is available 365 days after activation, depending on the chosen Learning Kit.
Progress monitoring Yes
Access to Material 365 days
Technical Requirements Computer or mobile device, Stable internet connections Web browsersuch as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.
Support or Assistance Helpdesk and online knowledge base 24/7
Certification Certificate of participation in PDF format
Price and costs Course price at no extra cost
Cancellation policy and money-back guarantee We assess this on a case-by-case basis
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Tip! Provide a quiet learning environment, time and motivation, audio equipment such as headphones or speakers for audio, account information such as login details to access the e-learning platform.

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