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Item number: 143596676

Sales training Selling Techniques Masterclass

Sales training Selling Techniques Masterclass
Item number: 143596676

Sales training Selling Techniques Masterclass

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Optimize your sales skills with this Sales Selling Techniques Masterclass E-learning. Learn effective strategies and achieve sales success at your own speed. 1 year 24/7 access.

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Sales training Selling Techniques Masterclass

  • Language:Dutch, English, German, ask for the possibilities
  • Audience:Everyone who is in any way involved with sales
  • Course duration:6 hours
  • Supported browser: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • Device: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet
  • Online access :365 days
  • Evaluation :Yes, online
  • Certificate of participation: Yes
  • Completion:Certificate of Participation in pdf. Format

Masterclass Sales Training

This Masterclass Sales Training E-Learning is specially designed for people who want to strengthen their sales skills. We understand how important it is to be able to sell effectively and professionally, which is why this course is ideal for thoroughly expanding your knowledge and competencies in this area.

During this course, you will delve into a wide range of topics essential for successful selling. You will learn not only the basics of sales, but also advanced strategies and techniques that will enable you to communicate effectively and persuasively with potential customers.

Whether you are a novice salesperson looking to strengthen your basic skills, or an experienced professional looking to take your sales performance to the next level, this course will provide the required knowledge and practical skills you need.

By participating in our sales training course, you will be able to improve your sales performance, strengthen your customer relationships and increase your revenue. You will learn how to make effective sales calls, deal with objections, identify customer needs, and present your product or service in a convincing way.

Register today for this Master Class in Sales Training E-Learning and take the next step toward strengthening your sales competencies. Prepare yourself for a successful career in sales and discover how to sell effectively and professionally.

The E-Learning repays itself so quickly that it is almost for free!



Strengthen your sales skills and increase your sales performance.
Learn how to successfully identify and address customer needs.
Discover how to establish and maintain customer relationships for increased repeat purchases and referrals.


Increase your understanding of sales methods to better serve customers.
Learn to communicate effectively with customers and handle objections.
Improve your ability to create and maintain customer relationships leading to more repeat purchases and referrals.

This online sales training course will help you sharpen your sales skills and improve your sales results. You will learn how to effectively identify and address customer needs, as well as how to create and maintain customer relationships for increased repeat purchases and referrals. By deepening your understanding of sales methods, you can better serve customers and communicate effectively, even in the face of objections. In addition, developing your ability to create and maintain customer relationships will help you generate more repeat purchases and referrals.

Course Content - Training with Various Modules
The training is made up of several modules, with each module enriched with relevant examples and practical exercises to enable you to apply the knowledge gained immediately. This interactive approach helps you learn effectively and integrate the newly acquired skills effortlessly into your daily work.

  • What is selling? - In this module, you will learn exactly what selling is and how it relates to other business activities. You will also gain an understanding of the different types of selling and the importance of a good sales strategy.
  • 6 guiding principles of selling - This module covers the six fundamental principles of selling. These principles form the basis of any successful sales strategy and include understanding the customer's needs, building trust and asking the right questions.
  • 10 Basic Rules of Selling - Here you will learn the ten basic rules that apply to any sales process. These rules range from listening to the customer to dealing with objections and closing the sale.
  • 5 steps of consultative selling - This module explains the five steps of the consultative selling method, focusing on understanding the customer's needs and building a lasting relationship with the customer.
  • 5 steps of consultative selling - This module explains the five steps of the consultative selling method, focusing on understanding the customer's needs and building a lasting relationship with the customer.
  • The Best 8 Sales Techniques - This module covers eight different sales techniques that can help persuade customers and close the sale. These techniques include asking questions, emphasizing benefits and creating urgency.
  • 9 Scientifically-Based Behaviors of People that Help Sell - This module covers nine behaviors of people that are scientifically based and can help persuade customers. These behaviors include creating reciprocity, applying social proof and using authority.

Bonus modules:

  • Learning Sales Pitch - In this module, you will learn how to make a good sales pitch. This will include how to build the pitch, highlight benefits and answer questions.
  • Learn cold calling - In this module you will learn how to effectively make cold calls and how to present yourself and your product or service to potential customers.

Finally, the training also offers many tips and tricks to improve and perfect your sales skills. These tips and tricks range from practical techniques for getting customers' attention to strategies for negotiating and closing the sale. In addition, updates to this e-learning are automatically added to ensure that the content remains up-to-date.

Course duration
Boost your career with our e-learning master class! In just 3 hours, you will gain valuable insights and skills that you can apply immediately. Plus, you'll benefit from a full year of access to the materials so you can learn and grow at your pace. Seize this opportunity and invest in yourself!

Reviews from previous students
Graham Hulsebos' mission is to make his expertise and knowledge accessible to a wider audience, particularly through this e-learning Masterclass. This stems from the fact that previous trainees during classroom and in-company trainings have given an average rating of 9.1 for the experience and quality of the trainings.
With the e-learning Masterclass, Graham Hulsebos aims to offer the same high-quality training and experiences inexpensively, but for a much larger and diverse group of people. Through this e-learning Masterclass, he hopes to contribute to the development of individuals and organizations, and help them achieve their goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Registration process
After your enrollment, you will receive an e-mail with login credentials for the Learning Management System (LMS) of OEM Office Elearning Menu, Graham Hulsebos' other company. In this system, you can access all the necessary materials, videos and additional information related to the E-Learning Masterclass. The beauty of this e-learning is that students can access it via any web browser as well as via mobile and the Plusport academy App. So you can get started with the Masterclass anytime, anywhere, at a time that suits you.

Keep an eye on your email for the confirmation with the login details and don't forget to check if the email didn't accidentally end up in your spam or junk mail folder. If you still cannot find the details, please feel free to contact us.

Certificate of Participation
Upon completion of the course, students will automatically receive a certificate of participation as proof of their completed training in the Learning Management System (LMS). The certificate can be downloaded and used as valuable evidence of the skills developed, and can be added to resumes and cover letters.

About Graham Hulsebos

Graham Hulsebos: "The Sharpshooter" - Entrepreneur & Consulting Sales Professional

Graham Hulsebos is a successful entrepreneur and consulting sales professional, better known as "The Sharpshooter." In 2015, he founded Graham Hulsebos Sales Training, after years of experience as owner and director of Graham Hulsebos OEM Office Elearning Menu - Learn to Work. This company offers more than 1,000 courses and ICT training from 200+ brands focused on both personal and business development. Thanks to his leadership, OEM grew into an international success with 3000+ customers in the Netherlands and 700+ in Germany.

Achievements & Experience

Graham Hulsebos has built an impressive reputation as a sales professional and has received several awards and accolades, including:

  • Record monthly sales
  • Member of the Gold Club
  • First Senior and Best Sales titles
  • Named Most Valuable Employee

He owes his nickname "The Sharpshooter" to his unparalleled ability to successfully complete deals and assignments.

Sales training attended by Graham Hulsebos:

  • SPIN Sales Training
  • Upgrade Sales Pipeline Management
  • Money Maker 2 Program
  • Sales Professional Assessment Of Knowledge
  • Management Training Real Problems, Real Solutions
  • Blackbook Training
  • Salescycle
  • Sales Management Training
  • CRM Specialist Training

Note: Some trainings may only be available to specific companies or organizations.

Philosophy & Approach.

Graham believes that success comes from passion for selling and the ability to constantly adapt and learn. He believes that with the right training and perseverance, anyone can master the art of sales and be as successful as he is.

Why choose Graham Hulsebos Sales Training?

Proven sales expert to help achieve your sales goals
Extensive experience and expertise in the sales world
Learn basic principles, advanced techniques and science-based insights into human behavior
Practical tips and tricks for immediate application in your sales profession
Recognized certificate of participation upon completion of the training course
Register today for this valuable training with Graham Hulsebos, the best sales trainer in the Netherlands. We look forward to your participation and wish you much success and pleasure in attending the Masterclass E-Learning with Graham Hulsebos Sales Training.

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There are no reviews written yet about this product.

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