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Item number: 152020560

Automated Software Testing with Java Selenium Training

Item number: 152020560

Automated Software Testing with Java Selenium Training

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Automated Software Testing with Java Selenium E-Learning Training Gecertificeerde docenten Quizzen Assessments Tips Tricks Certificate.

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Automated Software Testing with Java Selenium E-Learning

Automated testing stands as an essential pillar in contemporary software development, and "Automated Software Testing with Java Selenium" serves as a meticulously designed roadmap for mastering this discipline with Java and the Selenium framework.
Your learning begins with an introduction to the Selenium IDE, where you’ll learn to record and play back test cases effortlessly. As you progress, you’ll master the Selenium WebDriver, gaining proficiency in using locators and actions to manipulate web elements precisely. You'll cultivate expertise in advanced testing methodologies, including deploying waiting strategies and managing browser windows and tabs. It extends to automating intricate UI components, addressing iframes and browser alerts. You'll explore automation utilizing the Robot class, Chrome DevTools, and crafting a sustainable test framework employing the Page Object Model.
By integrating Allure reporting, you'll augment test transparency and insights. The learning includes constructing continuous integration with Jenkins, Maven, and GitHub, complemented by mastering Log4j for comprehensive logging. Scaling tests becomes feasible with Selenium Grid. You'll embrace BDD with Cucumber framework, culminating in a streamlined and exhaustive exploration of automated web testing with Java Selenium.

This Learning Kit with more than 17 hours of learning is divided into three tracks:

Course content

Introducing Selenium & Locators: Hands-on Selenium IDE for Automated Testing

  • In this course, you will learn the essentials of Selenium, starting with the installation of the Selenium IDE and your first steps in recording and playing back test scripts. You will explore how to manage test cases and suites and master the basics of setting up and exporting tests for consistent execution.

Introducing Selenium & Locators: Working with Locators in Selenium

  • In this course, you will set up a Java project specifically configured to run Selenium tests. You will run your first Selenium test to gain insights into the setup and execution processes, learn to configure drivers manually, adjust browser options, and establish a basic test framework.

Functional Testing with Selenium: Waiting Strategies & Window Management

  • In this course, you will learn a variety of functional testing strategies essential for any software tester’s toolkit. You will start by understanding waiting strategies and learn to manage multiple windows and tabs. Additionally, you will be introduced to advanced interactions using the Robot class and the concepts of the Page Object Model and Page Factory, which facilitate cleaner and more maintainable test code.

Functional Testing with Selenium: Interacting with Complex UI Functionality

  • In this course, you will learn to handle and verify complex web table structures, efficiently parsing table contents and addressing challenges posed by nested tables. You will also learn to differentiate between static and dynamic dropdown menus, adapt content based on user selections, and automate dynamic multiselect options and date picker operations.

Functional Testing with Selenium: Advanced Selenium Features & Framework Design

  • In this course, you will learn essential skills for managing cookies within web applications, crucial for handling user sessions. You will explore techniques to add, access, and delete cookies using Selenium, and automate file uploads and downloads. Additionally, you will learn to use the Robot class to automate keyboard and mouse actions, enhancing interaction with native OS dialogs.

Advanced Selenium Frameworks: Integrating Allure Reports with Selenium

  • In this course, you will explore Allure and learn how to integrate Allure reporting into your test framework. You will work with a robust test suite using the Selenium Page Object Model and Page Factory, focusing on end-to-end tests for an e-commerce site checkout flow.

Advanced Selenium Frameworks: Continuous Integration Pipelines with Jenkins

  • In this course, you will learn the core principles of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for automating the software development process. You will install and set up Jenkins on both macOS and Windows platforms and configure scripts to run automated tests.

Advanced Selenium Frameworks: Performing Logging Using Log4j

  • In this course, you will explore the integration of logging mechanisms in your software testing process using Log4j. Next, you will learn the basics of logging with Log4j, capturing and recording various levels of informational messages from trace to fatal.

Running Distributed Tests Using Selenium Grid

  • In this course, explore the fundamentals of Selenium Grid, set up Selenium Grid in Standalone mode, and run parallel tests. Next, learn how to operate Selenium Grid using Hub and Node, specify test browsers and platforms, configure Hub and Nodes, and set up a Distributed Grid.

Integrating Selenium with Cucumber

  • In this course, learn about behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber, run your first test, create and define steps in Gherkin, and set up step definitions in Java. Next, discover how to use parameterized annotations and regular expressions, run multiple scenarios, use tagging, and run multiple examples using scenario outlines.
Language English
Qualifications of the Instructor Certified
Course Format and Length Teaching videos with subtitles, interactive elements and assignments and tests
Lesson duration 17:52 Hours
Assesments The assessment tests your knowledge and application skills of the topics in the learning pathway. It is available 365 days after activation.
Online Virtuele labs Receive 12 months of access to virtual labs corresponding to traditional course configuration. Active for 365 days after activation, availability varies by Training
Online mentor You will have 24/7 access to an online mentor for all your specific technical questions on the study topic. The online mentor is available 365 days after activation, depending on the chosen Learning Kit.
Progress monitoring Yes
Access to Material 365 days
Technical Requirements Computer or mobile device, Stable internet connections Web browsersuch as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.
Support or Assistance Helpdesk and online knowledge base 24/7
Certification Certificate of participation in PDF format
Price and costs Course price at no extra cost
Cancellation policy and money-back guarantee We assess this on a case-by-case basis
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Tip! Provide a quiet learning environment, time and motivation, audio equipment such as headphones or speakers for audio, account information such as login details to access the e-learning platform.

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