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122645493 SKU 122645493

Selenium Deep Dive E-Learning

122645493 SKU 122645493

Selenium Deep Dive E-Learning

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Order this unique E-Learning course Selenium Deep Dive online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, progress through reporting and testing.

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Selenium Deep Dive E-Learning

Order this unique E-Learning Selenium Deep Dive course online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, voice, progress monitoring through reports.

Course content

Selenium Deep Dive: Setting Up Selenium for Automated Testing

Course: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes
Course Overview
Selenium Features and Testing Types
Selenium Components and Test Life Cycle
Selenium Automation Framework
Setting up Selenium
Selenium and IDE Integration
Creating a PyCharm Python Test Script
Creating an Eclipse Python Test Script
Using Selenium with Unittest
Generating a Test Suite Execution Report
Using Assertions in Unittest
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium IDE

Course: 56 Minutes
Course Overview
Selenium IDE Features and Components
Installing and Creating Test Cases
Selenium IDE Dialog Box and Editor
Creating and Executing Test Scripts
Selenese Commands
Creating Test Cases Manually
Element Verification Selenium IDE Commands
Using Wait Commands
Automating Modal and Modeless Dialog Test
Custom User Extension
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Working With WebDriver

Course: 1 Hour, 19 Minutes
Course Overview
WebDriver Benefits
WebDriver Architecture
Setting up GeckoDriver
Working with WebDriver's Navigation Methods
Locators in Selenium
Using WebDriver Locators
Using Class Name and Tag Name
Using XPath as a Locator
Using CSS Selectors
Selectors for Modern Applications
Using Customized XPath Selectors
Fetching Attribute Values
Using Customized CSS Selectors
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Working with Selenium Grid & Patterns

Course: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
Course Overview
Selenium Grid Features
Selenium Grid Architecture
Hub and Node for Selenium Grid
Parallel Test Execution
Troubleshooting Errors
Page Object Model
Page Object Classes
Object Repository Mechanism
Using Excel as a Data Source
Data Fetching with Data Provider
Managing Windows Authentication
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Component Testing with Selenium Framework

Course: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes
Course Overview
Application Architectures
Application Types
selectByIndex and deselectByIndex
Working with Frames
Alerts API
selectByValue and deselectByValue
select ByVisibleText and deselectByVisibleText
Testing Dropdowns
Working with Checkboxes
Using Multiple Checkboxes and Safechecks
Working with Confirmation Pop-ups
Prompt Pop-ups
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Automating Browser Windows & Authentication Tests

Course: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes
Course Overview
Web Application Technology and Frameworks
Handling Multiple Advertisement Windows
Authentication Windows in Firefox
Authentication Windows in Chrome
Using AutoIt
Performing Operations on New Windows
Switching Windows
Testing AutoComplete Textbox
Uploading Files with the sendKeys Method
Uploading Files Using AutoIt
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Synchronization & Page Navigation

Course: 58 Minutes
Course Overview
Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver
Managing Keyboard and Mouse Events
Unconditional Synchronization
Conditional Synchronization
Implicit Wait and Fluent Wait
Setting Browser Dimensions
Resizing Web Elements
Scrolling to the Page Bottom
Scrolling by Page Coordinates
Scrolling to Page Elements
Downloading Files with Selenium WebDriver
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Security Test Automation

Course: 1 Hour, 1 Minute
Course Overview
Security Management
Untrusted SSL Certificates in Firefox
Security Certificates in Chrome
SSL Certificates in Internet Explorer
Parallel Testing
The Stale Element Exception
Adding Cookies
Deleting Cookies
Deleting Cookies With a Name
Calling and Parsing Cookies
Retrieving Cookies With a Specific Name
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Modern Application Components

Course: 54 Minutes
Course Overview
Reading Data From Properties Files
Taking Screenshots With WebDriver
Testing Drag and Drop
Testing the Context Menu
Using jQuery DatePicker
Using Kendo UI DatePicker
Handling "Element Is Not Clickable at Point"
Extracting PDF Texts
Finding Broken or Invalid Images
Finding Broken Links on Web Pages
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Managing Data Elements Using Python & Selenium

Course: 48 Minutes
Course Overview
RC Server Test Execution
Selenium Python RegEx
Extracting Numeric Fields
Finding All href Elements
Getting Texts From Images
Executing JavaScript Using Selenium Python
Python Exception Logging Module
Selenium Python ActionChains
WebDriver Conditional Commands
Getting All Class Elements
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Integrating TestNG & Selenium

Course: 55 Minutes
Course Overview
Configurating TestNG
Managing Multiple Test Cases
Using Autogenerated XML and Reports
Creating a Dependency Between Test Cases
Integrating TestNG With Selenium
Implementing WebDriver Listeners
Implementing TestNG Listeners
Implementing Hard Assertion in Selenium TestNG
Implementing Soft Assertion in Selenium TestNG
Manually Creating TestNG XML Files
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Applying BDD & TDD Using Selenium

Course: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes
Course Overview1 MinuteCompletedActions
Behavior-driven Development (BDD) and Selenium
Configuring the behave BDD Framework
Using Arguments and Step Consolidation
Using a Step Definition With Page Object Planning
Implementing the Singleton Pattern
Test-driven Development (TDD) With Selenium
Implementing TDD With Selenium
Integrating Cucumber and Selenium
Implementing Data-driven Testing
Working With a Functional Test Scenario
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Test Enhancement Using BrowserStack

Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes
Course Overview
BrowserStack and Selenium
Configuring BrowserStack and WebDriver
Parallel Testing With BrowserStack and Selenium
Executing Tests on Desktops and Remote Browsers
Executing Tests on Device and Browser Combinations
Managing Security Certificates
Managing Flash and Popups in Browsers
Enhancing Selenium Test Execution
Integrating Lettuce and Selenium
Integrating Behave and Selenium
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Database & Log Management in Selenium Testing

Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes
Course Overview
Database and Log Management
EventListener and EventFiringWebDriver
Implementing Listener
Utilizing Databases With Selenium Python
Managing Cookies Using Selenium Python
Using Python Imaging Library With Selenium Python
Testing iframes Using Selenium Python
The Logging Concept
Managing Logs Using Selenium Python
Managing Exceptions in Test Cases
Course Summary1 MinuteNot StartedActions

Selenium Deep Dive: Use Cases for Web App Component Automated Testing

Course: 1 Hour, 24 Minutes
Course Overview
Web Application Lifecycle and Taxonomy
Automating Form Validation Testing
Testing for Asterisk Signs on Mandatory Fields
Automating Error Message Testing
Testing for Proper Year Field Validations
Testing for Proper Numeric Formats
Testing to Control Valid Text Field Entries
Testing Currency Fields With Constraints
Automating Confirmation Message Testing
Testing for Privacy Regulation
Testing to Confirm Proper Error Management
Testing Cookies for Valid Cookie Usage
Testing for Multi-factor Authentication
Testing for Animated GIFs
Password Attempt Testing
Course Summary

Selenium Deep Dive: Testing Single-page Applications

Course: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes
Course Overview
Single-page Applications
SPA Testing Frameworks
Using WebdriverIO
Testing WebSocket
Testing Auto Complete and Auto Suggest Controls
Testing Context Menus
Testing reCAPTCHAs
Executing WebDriver Tests on Android Emulator
Testing With Mobile User Agents
Executing Load Testing With Selenium
Integrating JMeter and Selenium
Microservice Testing
API Testing With Selenium Python
Implementing End-to-end Testing
Selenium Limitations
Course Summary

Availabilty 18:05 hours
Language English
Certificate of participation Yes
Online access 1 year unlimited access
Progress monitoring Yes
Award Winning E-learning Yes
Suitable for mobile Yes

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