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Item number: 148129135

MeasureUp Managing Microsoft Teams MS-700 Practice Exam

Item number: 148129135

MeasureUp Managing Microsoft Teams MS-700 Practice Exam

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Prepare for the MS-700 exam with our MeasureUp practice exam. Realistic questions and answers. Discover the benefits today!

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MeasureUp Managing Microsoft Teams MS-700 Practice Exam

The MS-700 practicDe PL-300 oefentest traint je in Microsoft Power BI data-analyse.e test trains you in configuring and managing Microsoft Teams.

Why should I take the MS-700 exam?

The MS-700 exam is aimed at Microsoft Teams administrators and tests your knowledge in managing and maintaining internal and external collaboration and communication solutions using Teams and Microsoft 365. Teams administrators have responsibility for configuring and managing teams, channels, chat, apps, calling, meetings, and events. They also manage phone numbers and services for Teams phone. As the MS-700 is a Microsoft 365 Associate-level exam, an ideal first step would be to pass the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification exam.

The MS-700 practice test includes two different modes: certification and practice mode. Certification mode allows you to assess your knowledge and discover your weak areas, with practice mode allowing you to focus on the areas that need development.

The MS-700 practice test contains 132 questions and covers the following objectives:

Configure and manage a Teams environment – 62 questions 

Plan and configure network settings for Teams

  • Calculate network bandwidth capacity for Teams voice, video, meetings, and live events 
  • Analyze network impact by using Network planner 
  • Specify network ports and protocols used by Teams 
  • Specify optimal network architecture for Teams 
  • Assess network readiness and connectivity by using the Microsoft Teams Network Assessment Tool and Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool 

Manage security and compliance settings for Teams

  • Identify licensing requirements for security and compliance features 
  • Specify security and compliance alert policies for Teams 
  • Choose appropriate Teams administrator roles 
  • Plan and configure Enhanced encryption policies 
  • Plan and configure threat policies in Microsoft 365 Defender 
  • Plan and configure retention policies 
  • Plan and configure sensitivity labels and policies 
  • Plan and configure data loss prevention (DLP) policies 
  • Plan Conditional Access for Teams 
  • Plan and configure information barrier (IB) policies 
  • Identify appropriate use cases for communication compliance and insider risk management 

Plan and implement governance and lifecycle management

  • Identify licensing requirements for advanced lifecycle management of teams 
  • Identify where Teams stores content 
  • Plan and manage update policies, including Public Preview, Office Insider, and Targeted release 
  • Create and manage policy packages in Teams 
  • Plan and configure policy assignment for users and groups 
  • Configure settings for Microsoft 365 group creation 
  • Configure an expiration policy for Microsoft 365 groups 
  • Configure a naming policy for Microsoft 365 groups, including blocked words 
  • Archive, delete, or unarchive one or more teams 
  • Restore or troubleshoot the deletion of a Microsoft 365 group 
  • Identify when to use Microsoft Entra Access reviews for Teams and Groups 
  • Perform operations for Teams by using PowerShell 

Configure and manage external collaboration

  • Identify licensing requirements for external collaboration 
  • Configure SharePoint Online and OneDrive external sharing settings 
  • Configure External access in the Microsoft Teams admin center 
  • Configure External collaboration settings in Microsoft Entra ID for guest access 
  • Configure guest access and sharing in the Microsoft Teams admin center, Microsoft 365 admin center, or Microsoft Entra admin center 
  • Control guest access to a specific team, including sensitivity labels and Microsoft Entra ID 
  • Remove guests from Teams, including from a team or a tenant 
  • Configure shared channels for external access 
  • Configure and manage cross-tenant access for B2B direct connect in Microsoft Entra ID for shared channels 

Manage Teams clients and devices

  • Identify licensing requirements for Teams Phone and resource accounts 
  • Identify licensing requirements for Teams devices 
  • Manage configuration profiles for Teams devices 
  • Configure Teams Rooms accounts and systems 
  • Manage device settings and firmware 
  • Manage Teams device tags 
  • Provision and configure remote sign-in for new devices 

 Manage teams, channels, chats, and apps - 32 questions

Create and manage teams

  • Plan for a Microsoft Teams rollout by using Advisor for Teams
  • Create a team by using the Microsoft Teams admin center, Teams client, or the Teams PowerShell module 
  • Create a team from an existing Microsoft 365 group, SharePoint site, or team 
  • Create a team from a template 
  • Create and manage Teams templates and template policies 
  • Manage the membership of a team 
  • Assign and modify user roles in a team 
  • Manage a team in the Microsoft Teams admin center 
  • Manage Teams environment settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center 
  • Configure privacy and sensitivity settings for Teams 

Manage channels and chats 

  • Recommend channel types, including standard, private, and shared 
  • Add, edit, and remove channels 
  • Manage Teams channel settings 
  • Create and manage teams policies for channels 
  • Manage private and shared channel membership 
  • Create and manage messaging policies 

Manage apps for Teams 

  • Manage Org-wide app settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center 
  • Create and manage app permission policies 
  • Create and manage app setup policies 
  • Manage permissions and consent for apps, including blocking apps 
  • Recommend appropriate extensibility options, including apps, connectors, tabs, meetings, and messaging extensions 
  • Manage purchasing of apps in the Teams app store 
  • Customize the appearance of the Teams app store 
  • Customize the branded experience of an app 
  • Upload an app to Teams 

Manage meetings and calling – 28 questions 

Manage meetings and events 

  • Recommend meeting types, including live events, webinars, and virtual appointments 
  • Enable enhanced meeting features for a user by assigning Microsoft Teams Premium licenses 
  • Configure meeting settings 
  • Create and manage meeting templates and template policies 
  • Create and manage meeting policies 
  • Create and manage conference bridges 
  • Create and manage audio conferencing policies 
  • Plan and configure live events settings and policies 

Manage phone numbers and services for Teams Phone 

  • Evaluate Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) options, including Calling Plan, Direct Routing, Operator Connect, and Teams Phone Mobile 
  • Add, change, or remove an emergency address for an organization 
  • Provision and manage phone numbers for users, services, and conferencing bridges 
  • Assign, change, or remove a phone number for a user or a resource account 
  • Create and manage resource accounts in the Microsoft Teams admin center 
  • Manage voice settings and policies for users 
  • Create and manage voicemail policies 
  • Configure auto-attendants and call queues 
  • Create and manage calling policies 

Monitor, report on, and troubleshoot Teams –10 questions 

Monitor and report on Teams

  • Monitor and report on voice and meeting quality 
  • Report on Teams usage, including team activity, app usage, active users, per-meeting metrics, and storage usage 
  • Monitor and report on the creation and deletion of teams 
  • Monitor and report on guest access 
  • Monitor the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool 
  • Manage feedback policies 

Troubleshoot audio, video, and client issues 

  • Collect client-side logs 
  • Clear the Teams client cache 
  • Troubleshoot issues by using self-help diagnostics for Teams 


  • The bullets that follow each of the skills measured are intended to illustrate how we are assessing that skill. Related topics may be covered in the exam. 
  • Most questions cover features that are general availability (GA). The exam may contain questions on Preview features if those features are commonly used. 
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