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Item number: 80443358

Course Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training

Course Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training
Item number: 80443358

Course Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training

Microsoft Course Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training Certified Instructors Zero-cost Customization Rental Laptops Reference Material Handouts Certificate of Attendance.

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Course Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training

For an Word 2019 Expert Course Incompany Training we offer a complete solution. Our in-company trainer will be happy to help you identify your needs and requirements and our mission is to ensure that you get as much out of the training as possible. This is why we also create customized training courses that fit your exact needs.

Incompany meaning is really nothing more than that a training is given at the location of your company. This way you, or your colleagues, do not have to leave the office to be trained by one of our certified trainers. This saves time and money. You can arrange an Incompany course quickly and easily via OEM Office Elearning Menu. You choose the Incompany course, indicate how many students you want, when you want the training on location and you will receive an appropriate quote within one working day.

Word 2019 Expert Incompany Training Course Objectives:

  1. That the students, after attending the Incompany course, will have a good understanding of Microsoft Word 2019.
  2. That the students, after following the Incompany course, find their way around Microsoft Word 2019 without any problems.
  3. That the course participants are able to perform daily tasks using Microsoft Word 2019.
  4. That the trainees are motivated to use Microsoft Word 2019 more efficiently.

Word 2019 Incompany course:

  • Group of up to 12 people.
  • Fixed contact person
  • Different options:
  • Day parts (afternoon, morning or full day).
  • Divide groups
  • Language: Dutch or English
  • Customization
  • Online baseline: In advance we offer a free telephone consultation with our Microsoft certified
  • trainer (MCT) who is also a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Master to determine level and discuss
  • objectives with expert advice.
  • Intake interview / consultation with instructor (customized)
  • Instructors (in-company trainer) are scheduled based on industry experience
  • Trainers (in-company trainer) are scheduled based on their affinity with the target group(s).
  • MOS certified instructor gives the training
  • Free course advice from the in-company trainer
  • Training from practice, not from a standard course book
  • Logical structure of the course material
  • Practical exercises
  • Free handouts
  • Online evaluation
  • Certificate of participation
  • Course books (at additional cost)
  • Laptop rental (at additional cost)
  • Aftercare:
  • Students can ask the instructor questions about the content of the Incompany training by e-mail during a period of 3 months.

Incompany request

What does an Incompany training cost?

The price for an Incompany course depends on your specific requirements. There is a standard fee for half a day, without course books or rental of laptops. This is for a group of up to 12 people. If you have specific requirements or would like additional additions to your Incompany training, we would be happy to prepare a no-obligation quote for you.

Why OEM Office Elearning Menu?

OEM is the only Incompany training course offered by certified instructors with all the necessary practical experience.

Prior to the training the instructor will contact you by telephone for an intake interview.
In this conversation, the following points are determined:

  • Current knowledge and skills
  • Practical application of the software application(s)
  • Expectations about the training
  • Objectives of the training

The outcome is a customized training content. This ensures that the training is tailored exactly to the needs of the users. The actual learning needs are addressed in the training and other non-less relevant issues do not receive attention.

We offer ample opportunities for online knowledge measurement prior to the In-company training. We call this a so-called baseline measurement. The results of this baseline measurement are always analyzed by a Microsoft Office certified instructor. This analysis results in a recommendation regarding the approach and content of the training and, if necessary, the composition of the group.


1 day, 6 hours of lessons. Training times from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm or otherwise as required.

Course content Word 2019 Expert Course

Collaborate with documents

  • Track changes
  • Adding comments
  • Compare documents with each other
  • Accept or reject changes
  • Translate text


  • Creating a template
  • Creating a document based on a template

Working efficiently with large documents

  • Working with main and sub documents

Labels and Envelopes

  • Creating Separate Envelopes
  • Creating Individual Labels
  • Creating a full sheet of labels with the same text
  • Printing labels or envelopes

Securing a document

  • Editing document properties
  • Checking and deleting document properties
  • Setting editing restrictions
  • Adding a password to a document

Creating Forms

  • Placing the Developers tab on the ribbon
  • Adding and editing form fields
  • Securing a form
  • Saving form data as plain text
  • Saving form as a template

Introduction Creating and using macros

  • Recording a macro
  • Running a macro
  • Associating a button or hotkey with a macro

Word Incompany Training Request or would you like Incompany advice?

Contact us or request a quote here.

What is Word?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools, which also includes applications like Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Word allows users to create, edit, format, and save text documents. It offers a wide range of features and tools for creating professional-looking documents, such as reports, letters, resumes, and more. Users can customize the formatting of text, apply styles and themes, insert images and tables, add headers and footers, create bulleted and numbered lists, and perform spell-checking and grammar correction.

Word provides a user-friendly interface with a toolbar and ribbon that contains various commands and options for manipulating text and formatting. It supports collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously and track changes made by each person.

Over the years, Word has become the industry standard for word processing and is widely used in various professional and educational settings. It has evolved to support different file formats, including .doc, .docx, and .pdf, ensuring compatibility with other word processing programs and facilitating document sharing and distribution.

10 benefits of Word

  1. User-friendly: Microsoft Word offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to create and edit documents.
  2. Comprehensive features: Word has a wide range of features and tools to format text, insert images, create tables, check spelling and grammar, and more. This enables users to create professional-looking documents.
  3. Templates and themes: Word comes with a variety of templates and themes that users can use to quickly create professional-looking documents. This saves time and effort when formatting documents.
  4. File compatibility: Word supports various file formats, such as .doc, .docx and .pdf. This allows users to easily share and exchange documents with others who may be using other Word processors.
  5. Real-time collaboration: Word offers the ability to collaborate on a document in real time. Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same document, track changes and add comments, facilitating collaboration.
  6. Automatic spelling and grammar check: Word includes a built-in spelling and grammar checker function that can identify and correct typos and grammatical errors. This helps users create accurate and error-free documents.
  7. Formatting options: Word allows users to format text with different fonts, colours, styles and alignment options. They can also adjust bullets, numbering, indentation and paragraph spacing to improve the readability and visual attractiveness of the document.
  8. Graphics options: Word provides functionality to insert images into documents, create graphs and charts and edit graphics. This helps clarify information and create visually appealing presentations.
  9. Automatic formatting and styles: Word uses styles, which allow users to maintain consistency in the formatting of their documents. With a few clicks, users can change the style of the entire document and quickly apply professional and consistent formatting.
  10. Advanced features: In addition to the basic features, Word also offers more advanced capabilities, such as creating tables of contents, footnotes, cross-references, automatic summaries and inserting bibliographies. These features are useful when creating more complex documents, such as reports and academic papers.

Why is Word important?

Microsoft Word is important because it is a powerful and versatile tool that helps create professional documents, improve productivity and facilitate collaboration. It makes it easy to organise, edit and share information, making it an indispensable programme for both individuals and organisations.

Why OEM Office Elearning Menu?

OEM Office Elearning Menu has years of experience in providing online courses and training. From Excel, Word and Outlook to high professional ICT training for Cisco, AWS, CompTIA and more. 

OEM is an official Microsoft Partner, CertiPort Partner and EC-Council Partner. With over 1000 courses from more than 200 brands, our offer is suitable for every PC user. Whether you are a first time PC user starting up Word for the first time, or an ICT professional wanting to know more about Data Security; OEM has the right course or training for you. Missing a training? Let us know and we will gladly look at the options together.

Each completed course provides you with an official certificate of participation. This is personal and specifically addressed to the student. Every Incompany training course automatically delivers a certificate of participation. For each E-learning course you need to have completed at least 70% of the practical assignments to receive a certificate of participation.

OEM - Learn to Work

Choose from 1000+ training courses from 200+ brands for your personal and business development. 

An Excel course, Word course or even a full Office course always comes in handy. We deal with Microsoft programs on a daily basis and it will save you a lot of time to master them properly.

We also have training courses for ICT professionals at OEM Office Elearning Menu. For example, you will learn to deal with databases, servers, learn programming or even become a certified ethical hacker. Learn everything online through E-learning, through course books, walk-in trainings or through Incompany trainings within the company you work for.

10/10 (1 Reviews)

    "Hele prettige manier van uitleg. Sluit goed aan op mijn dagelijkse taken in Word 2019."

    Jim on 17 Jan 2021


OEM Office Elearning Menu Genomineerd voor 'Beste Opleider van Nederland'

OEM Office Elearning Menu is trots genomineerd te zijn voor de titel 'Beste Opleider van Nederland' door Springest, een onderdeel van Archipel. Deze erkenning bevestigt onze kwaliteit en toewijding. Hartelijk dank aan al onze cursisten.


10/10 (1 Reviews)

    "Hele prettige manier van uitleg. Sluit goed aan op mijn dagelijkse taken in Word 2019."

    Jim on 17 Jan 2021


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