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Certification Kit

Order the best Certification Kit online now. CertKits are available 365 days a year, including Certificate of Participation. Want to know everything about a Certification Kit? Everything is explained under the products.

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61 Training

61 Training

Certification Kit

  • Training type: E-learning (online)
  • Language: English
  • Online access: 24/7, 365 days after activation
  • Interactive multimedia lessons with video, audio and subtitles
  • Videos of up to 3-10 minutes, watchable at your own pace
  • Practical exercises with real-time analysis of actions and results
  • Flexible management with progress reporting
  • View lessons by specific topic
  • Your answers are immediately evaluated
  • The software tells you exactly where your possible mistakes lie
  • Possibility to repeat an assignment (unlimited)
  • View solution videos
  • Preparation for Certifications
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Exam Quiz
  • MeasureUp Exam Simulation (150+ questions)
  • LiveLabs (if available)
  • Award Winning E-learning
  • Full training for the official Exam
  • User-friendly environment
  • Includes Online Tutor (via email and chat)
  • Certificate of Participation included

What is a Certification Kit?

IT training certification kits provide a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to advance their careers in the rapidly growing field of information technology. These kits are designed to provide all the resources needed to prepare for and pass several popular IT certifications. These certifications demonstrate a high level of proficiency and knowledge in a specific area of IT, such as network administration, software development, cybersecurity or project management.

Certification packages include Award Winning E-learning, practice exams, video tutorials, online mentor (if available), Live Labs (optional), official mock exam to help people master the concepts and technologies covered in the certification exam. These materials are developed by experienced IT professionals who understand industry requirements and know what it takes to pass the certification exams.

By using a certification kit, individuals can benefit from a structured and efficient approach to learning. The study materials are designed to help you understand the concepts and technologies you need to know, while the practice exams help identify areas that need improvement. This approach to learning allows you to focus on what you need to know and save time by avoiding topics you already understand.

In addition, certification packages can be a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking IT certifications. The cost of an IT certification exam can be high, but with a certification kit, you can prepare for the exam at a fraction of the cost.

In short, IT training certification kits offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for individuals looking to advance their careers in the field of information technology. These kits provide all the resources needed to prepare for and pass a variety of popular IT certifications, demonstrating a high level of competence and knowledge in a specific area of IT.

What is the difference between a Certification Kit and Classroom Training?

A Certification Kit and Classroom Training are two different approaches to IT training and certification.

A certification kit is typically a self-study program with study materials, practice exams and other resources to prepare a person for an IT certification exam. The focus of a certification kit is on passing the exam and achieving certification, which can lead to career advancement and better job prospects.

A Classroom Training, on the other hand, is a structured, instructor-led program that teaches the skills and knowledge needed for a specific job or certification. This type of training typically includes lectures, hands-on exercises and assessments. The focus of a Classroom Training is on learning the skills and knowledge needed for the job, rather than just passing an exam.

In summary, the main difference between a CertKit and a Classical Training is the focus of each approach. A CertKit focuses on passing an exam and earning a certification, while a Classical Training focuses on learning the skills and knowledge needed for a job or certification.

10 Benefits of a Certification Kit

  • Flexibility: Certification kits offer the flexibility to study and take exams at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or workplace.
  • Cost-effective: Certification kits are often more cost-effective than traditional classroom training because they eliminate travel and other associated costs.
  • Comprehensive study materials: Certification packages often include comprehensive study materials such as study guides, practice exams and lab exercises, allowing you to gain hands-on experience and build a solid understanding of the technology or skill.
  • Relevant and up-to-date: Certification packages are regularly updated to reflect the latest technological developments, so you receive relevant and current information.
  • Recognition: Earning certification from a reputable provider is recognized by employers and colleagues as evidence of your expertise and commitment to professional development.
  • Career development: Certification can lead to career advancement, as many employers prefer certified professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and skills.
  • Better earning potential: Certified professionals typically earn more than their non-certified peers.
    Access to a wider range of opportunities: Certification can open up new opportunities, both within your current organization and in the job market.
  • Increased credibility: Holding a certificate can increase your credibility and show others that you are committed to your profession.
  • Continued learning: Pursuing certification requires continuing education and continuous learning, keeping you abreast of the latest industry developments and trends.

Why an E-learning training course?

E-learning is the cornerstone of the OEM Certification Kit; it provides a thorough learning experience by integrating features to improve your product competency and productivity. The e-learning is designed to help you achieve your goal. This may be to update your skills, want to prepare for a certification exam or prepare for another specific project.

Here is an overview of the benefits of e-learning training:

  • Flexibility: E-learning courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, giving students the flexibility to study according to their schedule.
  • Self-scheduling study time: E-learning courses are active 24/7/365.
  • Convenience: E-learning courses eliminate the need for travel, making it easier for students to study and complete the course.
  • Cost-effective: E-learning courses are often more cost-effective than traditional classroom training because they do not require transportation, accommodation or other related costs.
  • Interactive: E-learning courses can be interactive and engaging, using multimedia and interactive tools to keep students interested and motivated.
  • Self-study: E-learning courses allow students to progress at their own pace, allowing them to take the time to thoroughly understand the material.
  • Customizable: E-learning courses can be tailored to the specific needs of the student, providing personalized training that meets their unique requirements.
  • Access to resources: E-learning courses provide students with access to a wealth of resources, including e-books, videos, webinars and discussion forums.
  • Scalability: E-learning training can be scaled up or down, making it possible to train large numbers of students efficiently and effectively.
  • Tracking and reporting: E-learning courses allow students to track their progress, as well as access to detailed reports showing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Environmentally friendly: E-learning courses are environmentally friendly, reducing the use of paper and other resources, and minimizing the carbon footprint of traditional classroom training.

What is an Exam simulation (MeasureUp or Testprep)?

Certification kit exam simulations are practice exams that simulate the actual certification exam in terms of format, style and difficulty. They provide a good assessment of the actual testing environment and allow candidates to assess their level of preparation for the certification exam.

An exam simulation is available with each Certification Kit that tests your knowledge of the skills and competencies measured through the vendor certification exam. Exam simulation can be taken in study or certification mode. The exam simulation is active for 60 days - after activation.

Some advantages of exam simulations are:

  • Familiarity with the exam format: Exam simulations help candidates become familiar with the format, structure and types of questions they can expect on the certification exam.
  • Increased confidence: Doing multiple exam simulations helps candidates build confidence in their knowledge and ability to answer certification exam questions.
  • Better time management: Exam simulations help candidates improve their time management skills by giving them a real time frame for answering questions.
  • Less exam anxiety: Candidates who take exam simulations are more relaxed on the day of the certification exam because they have already experienced the testing environment.
  • Validating preparation: Exam simulations give a clear indication of whether a candidate is ready for the certification exam or if they need more preparation.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses: Exam simulations provide feedback on areas where a candidate needs to improve, allowing them to focus their study efforts more effectively.
  • Better understanding of exam content: Exam simulations allow candidates to gain a better understanding of exam content and the types of questions that are likely to be asked.
  • Better retention of information: Answering questions on the same topics repeatedly helps candidates retain information better.
  • Cost-effective: Exam simulations are often less expensive than taking the certification exam multiple times.
  • Convenient: Exam simulations can be done from the comfort of a candidate's home, reducing the need for travel and other costs associated with taking certification exams.

Tips, tricks and links

At Tips & Tricks you will find information that may be useful during your studies. You can find information about the exam you are working on, along with general study information, exam tips and a collection of articles and links to your studies. Tips and tricks are active 365 days - after activation.

Online mentor

Online mentor can answer all your specific technical questions related to your study topic. Online Mentor is active for 90 days or 365 days - after activation! Depending on the IT course you are taking.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs in a certification kit are simulations of real environments that allow you to practice and gain hands-on experience with the technologies and concepts covered in the certification. These labs provide a safe and controlled environment to experiment with different scenarios, test your knowledge and skills, and build your confidence before taking the actual certification exam. Virtual labs are accessible anywhere, anytime, and they often provide a more flexible and cost-effective option for hands-on learning than in-person training or physical labs. They are also a valuable resource for continuing education and professional development, as they can be used to reinforce and maintain your knowledge and skills after certification.

With virtual labs for our training courses, you get access to a fully virtual server configuration that matches one-to-one with the course configuration you would encounter in a traditional course. So you get access to one or more virtual machines that match the syllabus of the training course, and you have full access to this for between 90 days and 12 months. A Virtual Lab is not available with every CertKit and needs to be reviewed on a training-by-training basis. If a virtual lab is available, it can be ordered at an additional cost.

Why OEM Office Elearning Menu?

OEM Office Elearning Menu has years of experience in providing online courses and training. From Excel, Word and Outlook to high professional ICT training for Cisco, AWS, CompTIA and more. 

OEM is an official Microsoft Partner, CertiPort Partner and EC-Council Partner. With over 1000 courses from more than 200 brands, our offer is suitable for every PC user. Whether you are a first time PC user starting up Word for the first time, or an ICT professional wanting to know more about Data Security; OEM has the right course or training for you. Missing a training? Let us know and we will gladly look at the options together.

Each completed course provides you with an official certificate of participation. This is personal and specifically addressed to the student. Every Incompany training course automatically delivers a certificate of participation. For each E-learning course you need to have completed at least 70% of the practical assignments to receive a certificate of participation.

OEM - Learn to Work

Choose from 1000+ training courses from 200+ brands for your personal and business development. 

An Excel course, Word course or even a full Office course always comes in handy. We deal with Microsoft programs on a daily basis and it will save you a lot of time to master them properly.

We also have training courses for ICT professionals at OEM Office Elearning Menu. For example, you will learn to deal with databases, servers, learn programming or even become a certified ethical hacker. Learn everything online through E-learning, through course books, walk-in trainings or through Incompany trainings within the company you work for.

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